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  • Optimize and assure your 5G SA & NSA networks

  • Gain unprecedented visibility into your customers & networks

  • Offer premium experience & world-class support 

  • Support massive increase in devices and vastly more complex cases 

  • Track latency KPIs at the customer level  

Unleashing the power of 5G

Making a success of 5G means offering premium network experiences to both B2B and B2C customers that accelerate innovation, build loyalty, reinvigorate business models and grow new revenue streams – all backed with world-class support.


But 5G will throw up 3 huge challenges for support teams.


    caused by the interoperation of LTE and 5G equipment and by more sophisticated use cases

    driven by an increasingly digital lifestyle and network dependency

    resulting from vast numbers of devices and a proliferation of new applications


Successfully addressing these challenges will require a new proactive approach to customer support that is available round-the-clock, is seamlessly omnichannel, and is based on accurate real-time data.

5G SA increases service complexity, support volumes and customer expectations

5G SA uses the 5G NR access network on a brand new 5G network core. Not only will it massively boost speeds and lower latency, but it will enable exciting new features such as edge computing as well as a wide range of innovative use cases including:


Proactive support for B2B customers and partners in the 5G era

Expanding into new vertical markets is one of the main opportunities presented by 5G. But unlocking this potential requires CSPs to forge new types of relationships, co-create new services with their partners and customers, and use new features of their networks to support complex B2B services such as drone support, AR & VR, hyper-automation and robotic process automation.


Delivering such services will necessitate seamless combinations of both public and private networks, as well as the application of new techniques, such as network slicing.


With a far richer range of experiences being supported, the data running through 5G networks enables CSPs to not only maintain a quality network experience, but optimize & prioritize network investments in a customer-centric manner, identify new opportunities to make money and save money, and understand the real experience of individual customers. This data will empower internal operational and care teams to support enterprise  customers, and also has great value to partners and external applications.

5G support for enterprise customers

With CorpDash CSPs can easily visualize how network performance is affecting each of their enterprise customers, as well as individual employees.


Identify if they are affected by poor network performance in real-time, and intervene before the relationship is irreparably damaged. CorpDash enables CSPs to create smarter, more granular and tiered service level agreements (SLAs) and guarantees (SLGs), with KPIs for 3G, 4G, 5G, private networks, network slices and geographical SLA zones.


The greater transparency and increased proactivity enabled by CorpDash empowering sales teams with vital insight into how enterprises and employees are using services and identifying where they would benefit from relevant products and services.The same information can also be accessed by enterprise customers through our self-service API.

Pinpoint your underperforming enterprise customers 


CorpDash isolates any issues affecting an enterprise's network experience or device performance. By highlighting the enterprises most affected by service performance problems, CorpDash supports account managers to not only identify service management issues, but also pinpoint upsell and cross-sell opportunities such as under-spec’d products or additional products that would be useful for your enterprise customers.


Delivering premium 5G experiences to B2C customers


5G enables CSPs to create premium, immersive experiences for their B2C customers that boost both ARPU and loyalty. All of these new experiences will need to be backed by a world-class support experience.

Personalized and proactive
customer support experience

Enabling CSPs to maintain a quality network experience as they introduce 5G and transition from 5G NSA to 5G SA.

Supporting the complexity introduced by 5G needn’t be difficult. Quality of Service can be pre-analyzed for both 5G NSA and 5G SA and easily presented to first line support.

The SubSearch application isolates any issues affecting the customer’s 5G network experience or device performance. It then updates CSRs via color-coded and clear text messages that tell them which services are affected, whether any live trouble tickets are associated with the disruption, and the likely time it will take to resolve the issue.


The same information can also be accessed by customers through self-service channels – including chatbots and mobile apps – supported by our Technical Self-Service API.

Advanced 5G network analytics
- at the push of one button

Second line support can detect whether the customer is using 5G SA, NSA or FWA based on cell naming, fault codes etc and proceed with an analysis of mobile network data at the cell level.


In SubSearch the support agent can dive into GANTT schemas, events, graphs with drill down functionalities and much more. Data from a wide range of sources (passive probes, OSS, BSS, devices, cells, CRM) are aggregated and visualized in one single Network Experience Platform. 

Map_cell_SubSearch 5G.jpg

SubSearch displays the 5G service level the customer has actually experienced.

CSRs can see all the cells the user has been connected to over a certain time period. They can even drill down to view individual cells to identify potential issues. Google Maps provides a street-level view of the geographic landscape so that CSRs can identify any physical objects that might be affecting performance (such as trees, buildings etc).

With Subtonomy, 5G is open for business



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