About us

Our mission is to provide mobile operators with the very best service quality software so they can greatly improve their performance and make their subscribers happier.

Our vision is a world of self-driving mobile networks.

What we do

Subtonomy is the leading telecom customer service assurance provider in the Nordics. Our software platform manages billions of transactions each day and monitors hundreds of thousands of thresholds in real-time. It automatically views the service performance of millions of subscribers in order to capture technical issues and support with solutions.

What we offer

Our platform and applications support telecom operators in three specific areas:


Customer support



“Give detailed instructions and get a boring version of your idea…
Dare to unleash people’s creativity and it will fly in ways you never envisioned.”


Andreas Jörbeck
CEO at Subtonomy


Back in 2012, four seasoned telecom experts founded Subtonomy with an idea. That in the future, when software technology is sophisticated enough, something as complex as a complete mobile network can run by itself, without manual interaction because the network will be smart enough to analyze and draw conclusions from its own data.


Today we are commercially running automatically set thresholds and alarms for mobile networks and provide technical self-care functionalities to mobile subscribers as well as automatically customized communication with them.


As for the mobile network running by itself, we’re not there yet. But we are getting closer.

Our Core Values

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We build long-term relations

We grow with our customers as they evolve and we’re fast to respond to changes and new adaptations.

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We make everything simple

Our applications, processes, ways of communicating… basically everything we do should be easy to understand.

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We’re all a team

We’re all collaborating with full transparency and driven by common goals.

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We’re all accountable

We all do our outmost making sure that at the end of the day we always deliver on our promises.

Company information

Subtonomy AB

Tyska Brinken 30
111 27
Stockholm, Sweden


Company registration number: 556892-0523

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