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Enhance and verify your
network quality

  • Correlate NPS with service quality

  • Continuous NPS scoring reports

  • NPS map representation


An ongoing service delivery

In the last couple of years, the biggest customer challenge for telecom operators has been the ability to focus on the customer relationship, rather than price. The pandemic has fundamentally changed our behavior and SKI's latest customer survey signals that customer satisfaction is once again about availability, reliability and functionality. The customer relationship is not based on individual events, but is an ongoing service delivery. The operators' services are used continuously and this requires greater flexibility. An ongoing service delivery also leads to greater sensitivity to interruptions, poor performance, etc.*


In previous years, before the pandemic, the technical delivery and service accounted for 30% of the NPS scoring, when measuring customer satisfaction. Now, that percentage has most likely increased. But traditional measurement methods find it difficult to produce useful information to improve the actual network and service quality. It is even more difficult to measure the subscriber's perception of the same.

* Svenskt Kvalitets Index: Mobiloperatörer 2020 - Pandemin förändrar kundkraven i telekombranschen. 

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Correlate NPS with service quality

With ActiveNPS application is possible to measure the correlation between the actual service delivery and the perceived quality of service. By continuously sending out SMS to pinpointed or randomly selected customers, the perceived service delivery can be measured and followed continuously for a longer period of time, to plan improvements. For example, this can be helpful in identified areas to measure the perceived service delivery before and after a network improvement work in that particular area.


With ActiveNPS application you can correlate the subscriber's subjective NPS scoring with objective service quality KPIs, the subscriber's location, coverage and device. identify what technical KPIs that have the most (and the least )  effect on the subscribers NPS scoring.


Active NPS map overview

In the ActiveNPS overview tab a compiled status of service quality KPI scores are presented. The visualizes map an overview for the entire network and lets the user zoom into to cluster and all the way to a specific cell level and filter on NPS scoring.

Weekly overall NPS scoring and collection volume showing; Detractor in red scoring 0-6, Neutral in yellow scoring 7-8 and Promoter in green scoring 9-10.



Weekly overall NPS scoring and collection volume showing detractors (red), neutral (yellow) and promoter (green).


NPS mapped out and correlated to CS, PS and paging issues to provide means to plan network enhancements.


NPS correlated with Service Quality (CS, PS and Paging) showing how well NPS scoring follows network service quality such as location, coverage and device.


NPS correlated with Service Quality

CS / PS and paging problems are visual in a split view correlated to different NPS scores as well as sites and devices.