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Satellite outside a house in a rural area.


Welcome to the Gigabit Society

The huge upsurge in demand that broadband networks are facing isn’t a short-term effect. As households’ appetite for bandwidth grows, so does their dependence and their expectations. Speed matters in the Gigabit Society, but reliability matters even more. 


When things go wrong, customers expect to be kept informed, and for their broadband provider to locate and fix the problem quickly and efficiently. With Subtonomy you can:


  • Resolve up to 90% of all support calls through pro-active self-service 

  • Support a complex mix of mobile, copper, fiber and FWA networks

  • Triage whether problems are due to network performance, device or service complexity

  • Deliver seamless omnichannel support across all channels

Subtonomy helps simplify troubleshooting
for converged and complex
broadband networks, reducing call handling
times and boosting first call resolution.

Fixed Wireless Access - Transforms the business of providing broadband


Subtonomy empowers CSPs to transform the way they provide and support broadband services. Our customer-centric support solution unifies network performance data from any type of broadband or mobile network to deliver a real-time, personalized picture of individual household’s broadband experience. This insight is simultaneously delivered to call center agents, self-service and digital channels (including chatbots) - delivering omnichannel customer support and speeding time-to-resolution.

Level up your customer service
agent experience

With new challenges like distributed workforces, increased customer expectations for 24/7 connectivity and availability, the role of customer service agents is more important – and more complex – than ever. 

With Subtonomy APIs, CSPs don’t have to change existing CS tools, but can easily integrate Subtonomy’s applications into Salesforce, Pega, ServiceNow and others to quickly the omnichannel support they need. 

service agent headset


ONE Connected Agent Desktop

The changing landscape of customer interactions is making the job as support agent more complex than ever before. Empower your agents by giving them a connected desktop and provide them with all needed customer-centric service data in ONE single tool. 


Share network data across to agents and customers

Act on your large amounts of rich service data that's not used in Customer Support today. The data is collected in an aggregated customer-view and empowers the agents to identify if, and what trouble, the individual customer is experience and how to resolve it.


Self-service dominant mindset

Feed your conversational AI agents, chatbots, self-service, apps and other digital channels with the same accurate, transparent and timely data your agents receive. At least 90% of all tech issues including both mobile and broadband can be resolved in non-assisted channels.

Business & service outcomes

Machine Learning & Automation

One of the key benefits of Subtonomy’s customer-centric Platform is that it can collect data from anywhere – including CPE, passive probes, BSS, OSS, cells, speed tests, weather reports, CRM and device data.


Once the data is pulled together, Subtonomy mediates it to create actionable insights. All data is processed and presented into our applications in real-time, which means your CSRs are instantly empowered to identify service degradations and triage customer inquiries. At the same time, network operations can spring into action to fix trouble tickets, and prioritize their work orders according to what will have the biggest customer impact.


Machine Learning is used to pinpoint service performance anomalies in real-time and flag up where KPIs are being impacted. Predictive analytics identify which customers are likely to be affected now and in the future so that proactive actions can be taken to minimize the impact