C3P –
Customer centric cell planning 

  • Complement cell planning with customer impact

  • Geographical visualization to point out problem areas 

  • Follow up on sunset

  • Near real-time update

Radio planning based on customer centric input data

C3P is used in radio planning to see how to best expand your radio network. By looking at user and device data, you can see in real-time or historically, how to avoid congestion in your network. With the fast and easy to use web interface you can search for cells and the attached customers and their devices. 

Reports are generated for selected areas and can be customized to show specific KPIs for all or certain customer and device types.


Incident area impact analysis

In the web interface it is easy to choose one or several sites to analyze at time. Just import cell/site lists or select sites in the intuitive map UI. All home addresses are plotted in the map of all subscribers that have been using services in the selected area. Set multiple KPI filters to either highlight or remove subscribers from the view. It is possibility to click on the “house”-icon to get full KPI info for that subscriber and even to drill-in to SubSearch from the IMSI. 

If an incident occur it is easy to extract all customer from an area for impact analysis or as basis for communication with the affected subscribers. The reporting tool is used to extract a full subscriber list, including KPIs, that have been in a selected area. Reports can be analyzed in excel or through the intuitive map UI. 


What our customers say

Process Manager Billing, Service & Support @ Telenor

With Subtonomy, we can monitor and secure service performance on a customer level, which has increased customer satisfaction. We’re also enabled to offer new and more advanced services.

Business  Developer
@ Telenor

This data-driven approach where we are able to look at how network data actually affects customers and respond instantly to this when engaging with the customers, I think is the way to work.


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