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Total service overview of your


  • Simplify troubleshooting in 1st & 2nd line customer service

  • Improve first call resolution with data-driven analytics tools

  • Service performance overview in real-time

  • Automatic reporting of enterprise specific SLA

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Most mobile operators have a lot of rich customer network data that is not being utilized in Customer Service. In CorpDash this data is analysed, interpreted and easily accessible for Customer Service agents and is presented on an enterprise, brand or single user level, in real-time.


CorpDash visualises if the enterprise, brand or user is / or have been affected by any mobile network related anomaly in a clear and easily understandable dashboard. The CS agent can choose to search by MSISDN, IMSI, IMEI, company name or company ID. The agent simply needs to search in one system and the result will be displayed in just three seconds. An information text message will summarize known network, device or other disturbances that are observed for the entire account. For example, you can choose all users with the worse performance in a certain enterprise or brand.


All information is data-driven, transparent and easily accessible through the enterprise channel of choice – whether it’s by calling customer service, log in to website or integrated to internal systems through API’s.

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Decrease costs in Customer Service 


Not only is CorpDash a tool that empowers your customer service agents with more data driven knowledge that enables first class service, but a tool that significantly decreases costs and improves efficiency within the entire service organisation.


An intuitive analytics tools that improves data-driven troubleshooting and solution proposals in B2B CS 1st / 2nd line, will increase the first call resolution rate. 


 With improved and intuitive analysis tools available in 1st /2nd line support number of escalations decreases significantly. A data snapshot is included in an escalation, which increases efficiency and quality in the entire process. 


Speed up and simplify the daily process when agents only troubleshoot in one single system that doesn’t requiring engineering skills and displays the result in three seconds. 


Fewer calls with self-service in the business channels as well. Through APIs your enterprises and companies can monitor their service performance in their channel of choice, such as your website or app.

Deepen your enterprise relations

There are many advantages for the sales organisation if they look into the possibilities with CorpDash. Since the traffic and service performance can be presented per specific enterprise or brand it enables for an open and transparent customer relation and eases a proactive and data-driven dialogue for every key account manager.

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  • Identify your worst performing enterprise customer and analyse what can be done to level up their services and decrease churn.

  • See how users in your enterprise are distributed across the network, their service performance and potential issues.

  • See how an enterprise and its users consume data, both in home network and abroad and identify potential up sales.

  • Export information to customer e.g., up to date device lists.

Set up individual KPI’s in 3G/4G/5G and define SLA- levels & zones


By setting up geographical SLA zones in CorpDash, you can monitor KPI’s only including the traffic for a specific enterprise divided into the different SLA zones, allowing for a more transparent customer dialogue. This way you can offer your enterprise customers individual SLA levels (e.g., gold, silver, bronze) and verify they are being met in your agreed areas. Now you can make sure to capture potential problems before getting notifications from customers. 


Increase customer satisfaction


With clear enterprise or brand dashboard overview, automatic alarms and reports your customers loyalty and satisfaction will increase significantly. Personalised and relevant communication in their channel of choice caters for an improved customer experience. 


Increase customer satisfaction (CSAT) & CLV and prevent churn with a clear overview and automatic alarm functionalities. You can act proactively, without your customer even notice, resolve potential issues. This includes of course above mentioned individual KPI’s and SLA-zones and levels as well as 5G network slicing. 

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Enjoy transparent and automatic enterprise reporting, including KPI’s and SLA-zones and levels, done in seconds. Aggregated and analysed, 90 times faster and without human errors. Reports can also be accessible for the enterprise in their channel of choice such as website self-service, exports or internal interface powered by restless API’s.


Decrease your maintenance mail send outs by 99%, using predictive analytics. By only sending automatic emails to customers that’s normally active in cells that are affected by the planned maintenance, your end-users only receive personalised and relevant service notifications which will improve your customer experience and satisfaction (CSAT).

Monitor new 5G services and network slicing



To be successful and play a crucial part in the digitalisation of several large industries enterprises demands service to be delivered faster with high security needs fulfilled, and an ease of doing business.


Tap into new business opportunities provided by the 5G industry digitalisation within manufacturing, transport and e-health through smart surveillance of 5G network slicing and refine your role in your enterprises ecosystem.


With CorpDash you can offer your enterprises transparent service performance dashboards in real-time, and alarms associated for specific KPI’s and SLA-levels.

For example, your enterprise can automatically monitor the network slicing of all IoT devices in self-driving cars, real-time monitoring of patient vitals or autonomous machines in a manufacturing industry promise for a major potential in this area.

Learn how a Tier 2 operator improved their enterprise experience with CorpDash

With high focus on enterprise customers, this Tier 2 mobile operator has deployed Subtonomy CorpDash.


They can monitor all enterprise customers’ Service Level Agreements in real-time allowing for a better service performance and more transparent customer dialogue.

Learn about this Tier 2 mobile operator's challenge, solution and results. 


Internal brand separation



Today, all mobile network operators have different brands,  e.g. pre-paid, post-paid, low cost digital. These brands behave differently in the network due to brand separation, e.g. by packaging, customer segmentation, devices used and localization. BrandDash application supports advanced reporting per brand and enables follow-up on the specific brand strategies.


Separation between network and customer

A current trend is to separate an operator into two entities: one entity that owns the customer and one entity that owns the network infrastructure. This concept demands for an adjusted operating model. In this scenario the customer owning entity would buy capacity from the infrastructure entity. The infrastructure entity may also sell network capacity to external  parties, such as large enterprises. With this separation, the customer owning entity, as well as the external parties, would only be allowed to access information about their own subscriber base. BrandDash supports separated reporting towards separate entities.

In the BrandDash application, you can easily separate large groups of your subscriber base. 


These groups could be;

- own sub brands 

- mobile virtual network operator

- specific price plans

- pre-paid subscribers

- IoT devices for various services and customers.  


In the same way as CorpDash, the data is visualised in clear dashboards which will improve your overall efficiency as well as cater for an improved customer experience.


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Search for individual subscribers to see their user experience and potential issues with the network, device or service. 


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Customer engagement is a key differentiator for the total customer experience. Both engagement and support must be easy, relevant and on customers terms.