Customer support

Support in a digital world

In today’s telecom market where competition is fierce and offerings may be similar, the way you manage your technical customer support can be a key differentiator. By offering your subscribers immediate and specific help on technical issues you can bring them value by turning their negative experience into a positive one.


In our experience 98.5% affected by a major technical issue will, however, not contact technical support at all. This may be due to long waiting lines, limited opening hours and waiting while a case is escalated. Relying only on manual technical support is both expensive and the risk for frustrated and eventually churning customers is high.


By offering automated technical self-care and diagnostics to your subscribers, the number of touchpoints will increase. By providing better tools to your agents, you will empower them to troubleshoot more complex issues. The availability for your subscribers will be 24/7, response time much faster while costs will be reduced significantly.

Our platform

Our software platform provides customer service assurance in real-time. It enables you to offer a faster, more efficient and digital customer experience.


more touchpoint with automated self-care


Fewer technical support calls


Fewer escalations to technical departments


Subscriber technical self-care

By offering self-care functionalities to subscribers through e.g. your app, web portal or virtual assistant, you enable instant technical support 24/7 while also providing you with valuable customer feedback.

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Agent support tools

Our application SubSearch allow agents to better help subscribers with technical issues. Support staff gets an immediate overview without having to go through different systems, leading to reduced time spent on each call and fewer escalations.

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Smart IVR

When integrating our platform with your IVR, you can automatically inform subscribers of potential issues specificallyaffecting them. This will reduce the number of people staying on the line to talk to an agent.