Capturing enterprises and VIP:s

While the overall mobile market growth is slowing down, the enterprise segment is still growing.


Enterprise customers can secure a large number of subscribers, high ARPU and willingness to pay for additional services, but they can also be demanding often putting high requirements on service performance.


Different Service Level Agreements (SLA:s) are generally set up for each enterprise, normally defined in different geographical areas. But being able to monitor these SLA:s, without also including other traffic, can be difficult.

Our platform

Our software platform provides service assurance in real-time specifically for your enterprise segment. This allows you to deliver a better service to your enterprise customers while enabling more transparent customer relations.


enterprise relation

90 times

faster report exports


less outage notifications sent


Real-time overview of enterprise performance

View service KPI:s for all your different enterprise and VIP customers in real-time. You can share data and automated performance reports with your account teams and directly with your end-customers.


SLA Zones

By defining geographical SLA Zones, you can monitor KPI:s only including the traffic for a specific enterprise and divided into the different SLA zones. This way you can offer your enterprise customers individual SLA levels (e.g. Gold, Silver, Bronze) and verify they are being met in your agreed areas.


Customized notifications

When planned or unplanned outages occur, automated mails can be sent out only to customers normally active in the affected cells. This will heavily reduce the amount of notifications going out.