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18-19 October in Singapore

Join us live in Singapore

FutureNet Asia focuses on the strategic & commercial priorities in today’s digital world and the considerations for the future of the network. Dedicated to driving the agenda around ‘Network Automation and AI’, a key foundational pillar for the next wave of growth in telecoms.

Subtonomy will join in-person at the event. Read more at the event site.


Subtonomy's Network Experience Platform brings together data from a wide range of sources to create an accurate, real-time picture of what your customers are actually experiencing, empowering your teams with the insight they need to sell, innovate, plan, deliver and support.


Let us show you how our Customer Support Suite could improve the customer experience by making data actionable and what proactive measure you could take to secure 5G service assurance. 

  • How to automate customer service for mobile, Fixed Wireless Access and broadband services

  • How fast and efficient processing of large amount of network data can facilitate actionable data for both operations and customer service, including self-service functionalities.

  • How correlation of real-time network tickets / alarms vs the whole customer base provides better results and service towards BC2, B2B and IoT.

  • How operations can be empowered with insights on which alarms /tickets that is most painful for the customers.


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