How it works

Subtonomy’s software platform lets you monitor the service performance of all your subscribers in real-time.


Our different applications lets relevant data get used throughout your organization and our API helps you fully digitalize your customer support.

Applications ready to use

All our different applications run on top of our platform. They are not license-based, meaning that once you activate an application it can be used by multiple users throughout your organization. All applications include support and continuous updates. They are grouped into three main application suites: customer support, enterprise and operations.
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API to further digitalize CX

Our RESTful API is used to provide data to other systems in your network. Typical use cases for our API is to enable technical self-care functionalities towards you corporate or consumer customers. It can both be an easy way to follow up SLA’s or a means for self-diagnostics via app, web or IVR, which will both offload customer service and enable more touchpoints with the customers.

Cloud-based implementation

Our platform runs on virtual hardware. It can be an on-premise installation inside your network or hosted on a public cloud provider, like AWS. CPU, memory and storage will depend on the size of you network, how many subscribers you have, what Subtonomy applications you install and the data storage time.

Input data from multiple sources

We collect data from different sources in your mobile network. The exact types will differ for each installation, but common input sources are passive probes, OSS, BSS, cell data, device data, CRM and trouble ticket systems. Input can also include other third party data sources like e.g. speed test services and weather information.

Automation functionalities

Machine learning is used to automatically learn thresholds for different user- and network KPI:s and pick up deviations. These deviations can be used to trigger alarms or events. To better understand who will be affected by future issues, predictive analytics is used to estimate subscriber patterns.

GDPR compliance

Our platform stores data to detect technical faults and errors according to EU legislation. The recommended procedure when implementing our platform is to validate our solution with your legal department together with us, followed by us signing data processing agreements. Our platform and applications do not store raw general purpose reporting data.

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