Our software platform is developed for you as a mobile operator and lets you monitor your mobile network and the service performance for all your subscribers. Our main user groups are:


  • Customer care
  • Enterprise
  • Network/operations
  • Wholesale


Our platform collects and analyses big amounts of data, in general 1.5 Billion data transactions daily for every Million subscribers. Our different applications use the processed data to capture any unexpected changes in the mobile network.

AI used to automate work

Our platform uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to learn over time how the mobile network and its subscribers behave. This is used to automatically set alarm thresholds, know when to trigger certain events and predict how subscribers are likely to behave. 

Passive probes used as primary data source

Exactly what input data is needed for our platform depends a bit on what you as a mobile operator need to use our applications for. We normally use data from below sources:


  • Passive probes
  • Cell
  • CRM (optional)
  • Device (optional)
  • Billing (optional)
  • Other 3rd party sources, e.g. speed test services (optional)


Passive probes are the main source for our input data. While the other data sources are standard for all mobile operators,  passive probes are used by many but not all mobile operators. Having them installed is a requirement to use our platform since it’s the only source that can provide enough details about the network and its subscribers in real-time.

How installation is done

Our platform and its applications are installed on virtual hardware in your network, meaning the data doesn’t leave the mobile operator. Once installed, support is managed by our DevOps team and since we use a Software-as-a-Service model (SaaS) all updates and upgrades are managed automatically.

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