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Network Operations Center


  • Machine Learning (ML) sets automatic thresholds 

  • Real-time plotting plotting service metrics on geo-map

  • Intuitive analysis of problem severity & size of impact 

  • Alarms & trouble-ticket integration framework helps to prioritize

A more customer-centric network operations center


The communication service providers (CSPs) is once again intensifying its efforts to provide an even more customer-centric service operations. It is absolutely critical to always be on top of current service performance and new modern tools is a necessity to bridge the gap towards the customer service organization in order to deliver outstanding operations across all networks. 

With intelligent automations and trouble ticket integrations the ticket that affects the largest number of customer could have an impact at operations prioritization. 


Besides seeing all the specific details in the network, it is also important to have an overall view. This could be, seeing what effect a storm or fire has on a large area or estimating how many users are affected by an issue.

We have suite of applications in order to take your network operations into the customer-centric service era. 

Network Operations Support Suite

NocMap - service performance in real-time

NocMap gives an overview of the entire network where service performance is presented in real-time.

  • Machine Learning sets the automatic thresholds

  • Real-time plotting service metrics on geo-map

  • Intuitive analysis of problem severity & size of impact

  • Help to prioritize correctly

Customer-centric cell planning with SubCell 

Site and cell planning to see how to best expand your radio network. 

  • Complement with customer impact

  • Geographical visualization to point out problem areas

  • Follow up on sunset

  • Near real-time update


Device performance in your network

Devices says a lot about both your network and users. Analyze how users of different devices have different behaviors.

  • How device performance affect your network and usage patterns

  • Identify problems related to vendors, model or software version

  • Benchmark with network or other models

Crowds - Monitor a specific event. Instant and over time.

For sport events and music festivals, network needs to be planned and optimized properly in advance and during the event in Crowds application. 

  • User & network KPIs

  • Monitor real-time to proactively pick-up issues

  • Easy reporting to all stakeholders

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