The new NOC/SOC

Getting an instant overall view of your network’s service performance can be complex. Though many systems show node performance, it’s not as easy to see the full impact of e.g. a storm and to see just how many subscribers are impacted.


With the mobile ecosystem becoming increasingly complex it also puts new demands on operations. Being able to proactively pick up abnormalities will require moving over to more automated alarms and triggers, and less manual monitoring.


Tying the data between customer support and operations closer together will also let you respond faster and more accurately to issues in service performance.

Our platform

Our software platform monitors service assurance in real-time. You can use our applications for monitoring and use our API to automatically export alarms and triggers.



With our application NocMap you see the real-time service performance of your entire network. The application will continuously learn the network behavior and pick up abnormalities based on current and past performance. Deviations in service performance are instantly flagged and NocMap will inform how many subscribers are affected.

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Roaming and interconnect traffic

Our application Roamers monitors all inbound and outbound roaming traffic. It shows activity and performance in real-time and flags degradations for a specific country or operator. Our InterConnect application monitors all interconnection links to let you troubleshoot, plan destinations and do follow-up SLA:s.
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Automatic Alarms

As our platform collects information about tens of thousands of trends and patterns from thousands of cells, the number of KPI:s is substantial. With the automatic alarm framework, Machine Learning is therefore used to automatically define alarm levels and severities specific to individual sites and cells.