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Subtonomy sponsors TM Forum Digital Transformation World Series event

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

TM Forum digital transformation world series logotype

Subtonomy is proud to be part of the TM Forum Digital Transformation World Series

hybrid event happening 22 Sept –14 Oct. Tickets are free for all service providers.

Together with 10,000 industry peers from across the world we will enjoy 4 weeks of inspiration, innovation and networking. The next decade will be one of opportunity for the telecom industry and those who can move fast enough accelerate their service offerings and network capabilities.

Subtonomy will during this event series discuss below topics amongst others.

  • How to automate customer service.

  • How fast and efficient processing of large amount of network data can facilitate actionable data for both operations and customer service, including self-service functionalities.

  • How correlation of real-time network tickets / alarms vs the whole customer base provides better results and service towards BC2, B2B and IoT.

  • How operations can be empowered with insights on which alarms /tickets that is most painful for the customers.

Read more about the event here

Register for free tickets (valid for all service providers)

Fredrik Edwall Subtonomy

If you are interested to set up a meeting, please contact me:


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