• Fredrik Edwall

What is the secret behind improving QoS from a customer standpoint and over all?

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

I have been meeting not all but many of the MNOs in Europe; we have been discussing passive probes and OSS & CEM system on top of the probes. I have sold some of the systems and looked at what other vendors have installed. Now almost all MNOs have this installed and they use the systems to various degrees and mainly in the network departments and to some degree in 2nd and 3rd line support.

According to my experience a minority of the employees at the MNO can interpret, understand and utilize this information. A quite good guess is that approximately 1% utilizes this information when they take decisions.

This is quite strange; the information is available and rich in content and value!

I believe that the problem is that the information is too complex to interpret and the accuracy is not confirmed. The solution must be to make the information easy to grasp, reference data has to be added and the systems has to be much more stable.

If the above is done you will see a dramatic distribution and utilization of the network information. The question is if the vendors are ready to support this, because when 20-30% of the employees at an MNO are using the information they want it instantaneously and all the time.

The outcome of going from 1% to 25% in utilization of network data will lead to dramatic improvements in QoS and this will increase your NPS.

The Secret is – Make this data a priority and enable your organization to use it! We have seen the results when this is done and the results are astonishing.