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Roaming Redefined - Command your Global Traffic

Experience a dramatic transformation with up to 80% fewer complaint calls and a 90% improvement in handling times. As roaming usage surges—mirroring home network expectations—our tools keep you ahead, ensuring consistent quality of service (QoS) globally.


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Elevate Roaming Experiences

From 2008 to 2016, data roaming volumes skyrocketed over 100 times, according to the European Commission. Today, with promotions fueling further increases, the need for seamless service abroad has never been greater. Despite the growth, silent roamers still form a significant portion of network traffic. Our solutions help you understand and engage this elusive group.

Dynamic Roaming overview dashboard

Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) in real-time or delve into historical data. Our trend tabs allow you to track performance over time, by country or operator, ensuring you're always informed.

Visualize service performance across countries. Our color-coded interface highlights issues, allowing immediate identification of affected users.


Powered by machine learning, our system automatically adjusts alarm thresholds, ensuring optimal responsiveness.

Alarm Map

Delve into the intricacies of your network with NocMap's detailed, real-time KPI graphs. From a broad network overview to the granular details of individual cells, our dynamic graphs provide a comprehensive visualization of your network's health.


These interactive graphs not only display current data but also allow you to drill down into specific events for a more thorough analysis.

For a broader perspective, historical graphs are readily available, offering valuable insights into past performance and trends. This blend of real-time and historical data, presented through an intuitive user interface, makes NocMap an indispensable tool for precise and informed network management.

NocMap offers a complete visualization of network routers and their data, all mapped for ease of access. Users can tailor their view to focus on critical alerts by filtering for alarming routers.


Additionally, customizable graphs allow for frequency-specific filtering, providing insights into data volumes and signal strengths.

Comprehensive Alarm Table

Subtonomy wave pattern

Seamless network modernization with Telenor Sweden

Telenor Sweden recently embarked on a significant HLR (Home Location Register) migration to modernize its core network, aiming to streamline its infrastructure with minimal customer impact. The integration was meticulously managed to consolidate two existing HLRs into a single, more efficient one.

During this critical process, Subtonomy's NocMap played an essential role, providing real-time service performance monitoring to ensure a smooth transition. The migration saw 6 million SIM cards seamlessly moved, with the successful consolidation of one HLR completed in just 14 hours. This strategic upgrade was marked by continuous real-time monitoring, safeguarding service performance and customer experience throughout the transition.

  • 6M SIM cards moved in HLR migration

  • 14h to successfully migrate one HLR

  • Real-time monitoring of service performance during migration

We are very happy with the outcome of this HLR migration which did take lots of preparation. Using NocMap for monitoring during the migration was of great help for us. For a critical project like this, you cannot afford to wait several minutes to see if something goes wrong and NocMap let us see all graphs in real-time and had something happened we would have been able to just click in the graph to immediately get directed to the source of the issue.”


Mobile core @ Telenor Sweden

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