When you’re working in the NOC/SOC it is absolutely critical to always be on top of things. Besides seeing all the specific details in the network, it is also important to have an overall view. This could be, seeing what effect a storm has on a large area or estimating how many users are affected by an issue. In these situations it is also important that everyone has the same view and sees the same trends. Most importantly however is that all this information must be delivered instantly. If a major issue occurs in the network, calculated KPI:s and alarms cannot appear late when customers have already been affected and the problem may have grown.


NocMap gives you a complete overview of your network from an aggregated to a very detailed view. The AI platform makes NocMap self-configuring on setup and the application will then learn the network behavior in order to pick up abnormalities based on current and past performance. If, for example, a site is placed next to a tunnel where there is no coverage, NocMap will learn that KPI:s for this site will be different compared other sites when triggering alarms. The map view gives the overall view of the network to monitor large/small geographical areas whereas the graph view shows specific KPI:s. Everything is presented in real-time in order to capture and highlight issues instantly. NocMap works well on NOC wall screens, computers, tablets or smartphones.

The map view gives an overview of the whole network. From this view it is easier to see if many different alarms are related, e.g. due to bad weather or a major outage.

On the map view it is also possible to zoom down to more detailed clusters or down to site level. you can also browse historic data from sites.

The graph view shows you real-time KPI graphs from a network level down to individual cells. Historic graphs can also be presented.


With NocMap, everyone involved in the NOC/SOC work have control of what’s happening in the network and if issues occur, major or minor, they are picked up in real-time. Data can be shared within the CSP allowing everyone to have the same view of what is happening in the network. Since NocMap is run on AI its self-configuring setup makes it easy to install and since it is learning your network it will not deteriorate over time.