Monitor all roaming traffic to assure good service quality and analyze roaming behavior to better optimize offerings.


roaming experience


less complaint calls


reduced case time

Roamers is used by wholesale, customer care and operations at the mobile operator. It works proactively by capturing roaming issues before there are complaints and reactively as support for customer care.

Get a roaming overview

See where all outbound subscribers are roaming and if any countries have technical issues. Inbound roamers in your own network can also be viewed.

See world map of roamers

View roaming subscribers in each country. Different colors highlight if there are alarms in any country. Machine learning is used to automatically set all alarm levels.

View service performance for every country

You can see a list of the service performance for all countries where you have roaming subscribers. You can drill down to see a specific country, a specific operator or if you need to see a specific subscriber/IMSI.

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