Search for a single subscriber in real-time. See service performance and potential issues. Get recommendations to solve issues.


trouble ticket efficiency


system search instead of 4


spent per trouble ticket

SubSearch is used by customer care at the mobile operator. It serves as assistance to customer care staff while interacting with subscribers regarding technical issues.

Get overview of a subscriber’s service performance

When searching for a subscriber (by phone number or IMSI) the overview tab shows the service performance and highlights if the subscriber has had any technical issues.

See subscriber’s technical trends

See the technical service performance over time for voice and data. You can see the overall trends or split them by 2G/3G/LTE/WiFi if you want to troubleshoot a certain technology.

See cells used by subscriber

See how the subscriber has moved on a map by viewing which cells the device has been connected to. Different colors highlight if the subscriber has had problems on any of the cells and if a cell has a trouble ticket attached to it, this will also be shown.

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