Immediate response
to authority requests

When it comes to lawful services requests they are usually handled by a department assigned to this task, but that’s only during business hours. After business hours these requests are usually handled by the 24/7/365 Operations center SOC/NOC.


The data gathered is taken from network, billing and CRM systems. It is usually a tedious task to gather the information because you are searching for a needle in a hay stack. Then there is the complexity of correlating the data (e.g. cell number) with an actual site and cell direction. Finally the reference data has to be correct so your cell repository database doesn’t link different Cell numbers to the wrong cell. This whole process is time-consuming and risk for human error when compiling information can be high.

REX map overview


REX handles all lawful requests

REX handles all requests involving criminal investigations, court evidence, search & rescue. It tracks traffic for calls, SMS, data and location where results can be viewed in the program as well as being exported to Excel or CSV. Typical use cases would be finding last known cell for a missing person, viewing SIM:s and/or devices present at a crime scene or raising alarm if defined person enters a geo zone or country.

For each query, different criteria can be applied to performa a search. Desired time period is set and you can search a user’s number or e.g. look at different cells.
You can graphically follow the track of a user during a specific time period.

Exports can be modified to what data/format is required by a specific authority. 

30day history search completed in 15sec

Searches done with secure login

Removes risk of human error

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