Monitor all roaming traffic

Between 2008-2016, data roaming data has increased by more than a factor 100, according to the European Commission. With increased roaming traffic usage (and more roaming promotion from mobile operators), users now expect to use their phones in a similar manner abroad as they would at home. Though roaming is increasing, silent roamers  still represent a big part of inbound and outbound roamers in many networks.

Monitors all your users abroad (outbound) and visitors in your network (inbound). KPI:s and trends are presented in real-time, allowing you to see overall performance on country-, CSP-, and subscriber-level, letting you know how many users are affected by an issue. Highlights silent roamers (allowing you to encourage service usage) while also flags permanent roamers


Since the application uses machine-learning, it will learn the behavior of your network over time and does not need to be configured



Get a roaming overview

The overview dashboard shows key KPI's in real-time with the option of viewing historic data. In trend tab you can look at KPI's over time for the selected country and / or operator. 

Improved roaming experience

-80% complaint calls

-90% reduced case time


Alarm Map - view service performance for every country

Showing users and potential alarms for different countries. If issues occur you can view which users are affected. Different colors highlight if there are alarms in any country. Machine learning is used to automatically set all alarm levels.

Useful overview for NOC / SOC

You can see a list of the service performance for all countries where you have roaming subscribers. You can drill down to see a specific country, a specific operator or if you need to see a specific subscriber/IMSI. The alarm map gives an overview of current alarms per country and is a useful view for e.g. a NOC/SOC screen.