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Digital technologies are transforming almost every aspect of our society at an unprecedented speed and scale – from AI in the connected home, to 5G-connected factories, to remote working and metaverse-based gaming. Wherever they are and whatever they’re doing, one thing all your customers agree upon is the need to stay connected. So when things go wrong they expect:

  • World-class 24/7 customer support.

  • Omnichannel service including easy-to-use self-service.

  • Personalization that goes beyond knowing their name to understanding their individual experiences.

  • Fast, efficient resolution of their problem first time and every time.

Support every customer, service and channel from ONE place

The Subtonomy solutions empowers

24/7 tech support availability

24x7 scalable digital support fuelled by accurate holistic data from any type of network all mobile generations, broadband, full fiber and fixed-wireless access (FWA).

Omnichannel support 

Any combination of support channel now or in the future - email, chat, self-service, chatbots or social media

Personalization and accuracy

Personalization with a hyper-accurate

understanding of what’s affecting service

quality for each and every customer.

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