Telecom service assurance solutions


Subtonomy is the leading telecom customer service assurance provider in the Nordics. Our software platform is used by customer support, network operations, wholesale and directly by subscribers through self-service functionalities.

Solutions that provide real-time intelligence and automation

We help communication service providers (CSPs) digitalize their customer service and improve the customer experience. Our software platform manages service quality assurance with the objectives to automate big parts of technical support and customer-centric service operations while also providing support agents with applications to better serve customers with complex technical issues.

With the right data and the right tools, automation can go far beyond network operation to help shore up performance in multiple dimensions, including error prevention, data-based decision making, improved customer service and customer experience, and uncovering new business opportunities.

We offer solutions for technical support, network operations, wholesale, legal authorities and marketing department. 

Telecom customer support agent for enterprises monitor the status in mobile and computer dashboard.

Simplify hyper-personalized

customer service

CSPs have a lot of rich customer data that's not being utilized in Customer Service at all. Often the data exists in organizational silos and don't or cannot talk to each other. It may also come down to weak analytical capabilities to produce actionable intelligence.


With our applications for Customer Service - SubSearch for consumers, CorpDash for enterprises - this data is analyzed and easily accessible for CSRs, at all levels. 

With Technical self-service, powered by our API, the same information can be accessible in the customers support channel of choice - such as your website, chat, app or IVR. 

Zero-touch operations  


The CSPs is once again intensifying its efforts to provide an even more customer-centric service operations

With intelligent automations and trouble ticket integrations the ticket that affects the largest number of customer could have an impact at operations prioritization. 

NocMap gives a complete overview of the entire network from an aggregated to a very detailed view, where service performance is presented in real-time. SubCell is used in radio planning based on customer centric input data.


Devices presents how different devices are performing, but also how users of different devices have different behaviors.

​For larger venues, plan and optimize the network in advance and during the event in the Crowds application.  

Telecom Network and Customer centric service operations analyzes data on a monitor
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Automate lawful requests


All CSPs within EU/EES are mandated to provide the authorities with traffic data to support during criminal investigations, search & rescue, fraud etc. 

All data related to a certain subscriber, during a certain time, at a certain location depending on the case. CSPs generally manages a huge amount of data to accommodate for this regulation and it causes a lot of work for each request, often provides too much data for the receiver to process efficiently.


The REX application can automate the process from order to delivery. The data-driven reports is delivered in standardized way depended on local requirements.  Accurate information is handed efficiently to the authorities, as the risk of human errors is reduced.


Maximize Customer Lifetime Value


Quality of Service is an important factor that contributes 20-30% to Net Promotor Score (NPS). Marketers, in both B2B and B2C contexts, are able to benefit from automated analytics and intelligence. 

With application ActiveNPS you can directly correlate subjective customer NPS scoring with objective quality of service KPI’s, customers' location and coverage.

The Active NPS scoring can help segment and personalize marketing investment, reduce churn, and uncover new opportunities for upselling.

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