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The future-proof way to optimize your aging network probes

Is your probe infrastructure aging? Discover how Subtonomy can seamlessly integrate your legacy probe infrastructure into a next-generation, AI-enhanced operational model, accelerating your Customer Experience and Support capabilities using your different data sources of today and tomorrow.

In a hyper-connected age where customer experience defines your competitive edge, legacy network probe and support systems can weigh you down. Replacing probes is often a costly and disruptive process, yet necessary to provide a cohesive Customer Experience.


Let's explore how Subtonomy's innovative Customer Support solution addresses these challenges.

The legacy probes challenge

Your new probe support solution is here

Discover the most extensive solution for technical customer support that is tailored for the telecom industry.


With the Subtonomy Platform and ML & AI powered Support Engine, you can seamlessly navigate the complexity of handling probes from various vendors, optimizing your existing probe systems to avoid costly replacements. Unlock advanced CX capabilities without stretching your budget, all while effortlessly collecting data from every network source and presenting it in a simplified, actionable format. Our solution not only covers your needs today but also ensures your readiness for the future.

Navigate network probes from multiple vendors

Navigate the complexity of having probes from various vendors with ease.

Analyze legacy probes

Leverage the existing probe systems to avoid the hassle and expense of immediate replacements.

Unify network data

Collect data from every possible network source, consolidating it into a simplified, actionable format.

Cost-effective SaaS strategy

Achieve advanced CX capabilities with speedy implemention and SaaS license model. 

360° customer view

A single, unified suite to draw data from any network source, creating a holistic CX view.

Actionable insights

Equip your organization with real-time information to enhance network and customer experiences.


Prepare for inevitable changes in probe vendors or technologies with minimal disruptions.


Extend the life of your current probes, aligning with your sustainability goals.


The Subtonomy Platform

Subtonomy is the only telecom product provider dedicated to technical customer support and we lead the way in this critical industry. Too many telecoms face the reality with fragmented information scattered across multiple systems, resulting in poor customer support and lost business.


By blending cutting-edge technology with expertise into user-friendly tools, we are able to break down barriers — enabling telecom operators to streamline their processes. 

Why Subtonomy?



Head of Service Assurance & Operation @ Telia Norge

We have managed to reduce both the number of complaint calls and the time we need to spend on each call. With Subtonomy, we’re working more efficiently while getting happier customers.


Network Quality, 3 Sweden & Denmark

Handling complexity and understanding user experience is key to efficient network operations. We use Subtonomy to help us stay efficient in an ever changing environment.

Customer success stories

Customers' success is our success. Download and read how telecom operators like you use Subtonomy's solutions to elevate their customer support and service operations center. 

Telia Sweden - Increasing customer

support efficiency

Telia has refined and improved work processes to streamline its business outcomes and improve the customer experience.

Telenor's automated self-service offers improved customer experience

Telenor has implemented technical self-service for their customers to offer a faster service while reducing support agent workload.

Our solution

Discover the most extensive solution for technical customer support that is tailored for the telecom industry. Meet today's challenges and ever increasing demands and deliver an outstanding customer service and support with a unified customer-centric view.

Our Support Engine and Data platform, fueled by Machine Learning, aggregates data from diverse sources - such as passive probes, BSS & OSS, cells, and devices.

What sets

us apart

5G & FWA


People looking towards the sky
Subtonomy is incredibly proud to have a 100% satisfied client base, and we see it as a great honor to be shortlisted for Total Customer Experience and Smart Places categories in the World Communication Awards
Fredrik Edwall, SVP Sales & Marketing Subtonomy

Let's connect

Book a personalized demo to see how Subtonomy can elevate and streamline your customer care operations.


What can you expect?

  • A customized demo aligned with your objectives

  • Targeted discussions on how to rethink and elevate your customer support with Subtonomy

  • Expert guidance on enhancing User & Agent Experience and a seamless service delivery

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