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We redefine Secure Data Retention
and Geolocation Services

Forget everything you think you know about fulfilling lawful intercept data retention and geolocation requests.


We help telecoms to automate, secure and speed your responses to lawful mass geolocation, emergency call location and criminal investigations requests. While remaining completely compliant.


Lightning-fast individual search

results, ready to be sent

immediately to requester.


Streamlined workflow in ONE consolidated system. Gain a 360° view of a subscriber, site or cell.


Data is collected from all sub-systems and analysed to reduce human errors.


Grant 24/7 secure access to SAR teams. Accessible even from remote locations.

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Subtonomy REX - a simpler, more efficient way of responding to requests

REX is designed to directly address the challenges with timely, accurate data retrieval. The often fragmented data is collected from numerous systems, pre-analyzed into one user-friendly tool, saving time and reducing costs and minimizing the risk of human error.

REX - rapid search results within 30 seconds displayed in one single 360° view

REX speeds search results by automatically collecting data into one system and preprocessing it. This means individual results are available within 30 seconds and are ready to be sent to the requester at the click of a button. Authorities can even search directly - provided they have the required authorization.


REX transforms complex data visualization into a seamless and user-friendly experience with an intuitive User Interface for dynamic interactions and provides comprehensive reports ready for export in Excel, CSV, or XML formats. Whether you need to view location information in detailed table-like reports or prefer the vivid clarity of a map view, REX delivers with precision. Built on standardized formats such as ETSI TS102 657 and adaptable to national standards, REX ensures compatibility and compliance.

Subtonomy REX user interface

REX collects, processes and maps data from several sources into ONE place


Built on top of Subtonomy’s Platform, REX collects data from all underlying subsystems and network probes into one system. Then the platform pre-processes and aggregates the data. This removes both the effort and human error of manual mapping while massively decreasing the

time required to get results.


REX collects processes and maps data from network equipment, CDRs  and passive probes (XDRs). This data includes information on calls, SMS, roaming records (TAP files), both public and private IP addresses (NAT logs), data connections and location data.


REX integrates and enriches data by mapping signaling and IP records with CRM data, cell inventory and device databases.


Positioning data primarily comes from network information, such as cell identities, geographical co-ordinates and cell directions. Positioning or location system data can be integrated if available.


REX efficiently handles IP address mapping by integrating and preprocessing data from multiple sources, ensuring compatibility across various sub-systems and reducing storage needs with advanced data processing techniques.


REX accesses both real-time and historical data at the set number of days and subset of data that is authorized. All searches are logged and data is retained for the specific number of days. 

Let's talk Numbers

Display everything in ONE consolidated agent desktop.

Search results displayed within 30 seconds.

Gain a 360 view of a subscriber, site or cell.

Grant 24/7 secure remote access to SAR teams. 

Transform the way you respond to lawful requests

Discover how REX’s consolidated and automated approach can transform your response to lawful requests. REX ensures you’re both compliant and efficient, accelerating your response while simultaneously reducing the risk

of human errors.

  • Search results within 30 seconds

  • Instant delivery to requester

  • Streamlined workflow in ONE consolidated system

  • Accurate results 

  • Secure remote access for SAR teams

TERJE RUDIN |  Product Manager Police Responce Center & NOC @Telenor Norway

"Telenor Norway has recently implemented REX as a solution for handling authority requests. We are very pleased by both the system itself and with Subtonomy as a vendor. REX gives us a completely different workday in terms of easiness of use and query response time. Reports we previously had to wait several hours for are now generated in minutes or even seconds. Subtonomy impresses us by being very welcoming, customer-oriented and solution-focused, with high quality project deliveries and reliable support services."

TERJE LILLEÅSEN |  Senior Manager, Service Operations Center @ Telia Norge

Many have surely seen CSI or other series where triangulation is done with the press of two buttons. In reality, it's not that simple, and one must have a good technical understanding, proper support tools, and a robust mobile network to achieve triangulation. 

Swedish Telecom Operator - 
"We’ve been using Subtonomy’s REX solution for Lawful Authority requests for several years now and it’s been an absolute privilege. We’ve been impressed with its exceptional features, performance, and

adaptability, and the Subtonomy team has provided us with top-notch support. We appreciate Subtonomy and their consistent reliability as

a partner in this sphere.”

Don't take our word for it.

Take theirs. 

Discover how Telia Norway sharpens precision in SAR operations with REX

Subtonomy’s REX solution enables Telia Norway to create better outdoor life through aiding Search and Rescue (SAR) missions with fast and accurate location data.

Play the video or read the full story. 

Subtonomy REX blog

How REX addresses key challenges

Emergency call location

Location data information can be presented in a map view, table view or in exportable formats. Maps are adaptable to improve the topography in rural locations. 

Passive data location

Location updates are sent periodically or, if the phone is idle, when the user changes location area. This is also achieved by monitoring passive data session (such as app push notifications).

REX Case Management

This service provides additional features that enhance the management of searches and improve security, including support for order handling, integration with invoicing systems, generation of reference numbers etc.

REX Token based access

This service enhances self-service security by only granting access to the specific data required for authorized searches. Searches can be restricted to a subset of subscribers or cell towers, or time-limited.

Compliance - above and beyond

REX has been operational for several years in different countries in Europe, demonstrating full compliance with all relevant legislation and local regulations. Working as a trusted partner to our customers, Subtonomy has gained deep insight into what is required to efficiently and securely comply with both lawful requests and GDPR.


Adding to our robust compliance framework, Subtonomy is now ISO 27001:13 certified, adhering to the strictest global security standard for information security (ISMS). This certification further establishes our commitment to the highest levels of data security and aligns us fully with EU data retention legislation, Directive 2006/24/EC.

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