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Subtonomy GDPR- policy

Our customer integrity is important to us and therefore we at Subtonomy have updated the terms of our privacy policy and further adapted to the General Data Protection Regulation. We are open with what data we collect about you and why. We will not sell your information to third parties.


This document contains the general terms and conditions that apply if you provide one or more personal information to us at Subtonomy. Subtonomy AB is the legal entity that is responsible for the personal data handled by Subtonomy. In this policy, we will explain what personal information we collect about you and how we use it.


You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us at Such repossession will also mean that you will no longer receive, news and other information from Subtonomy and that you will also have limited access to the content on our website.

At our first contact


When you visit and contact us via a website form, it is mandatory that you leave your name and e-mail address.


When you enter into an agreement with us, register for events and want access to our whitepapers or similar information, it is mandatory that you enter your: first name, last name, company, telephone number and your title of the company you work for.


At all times, you are also required to accept our general terms and conditions linked to this privacy policy.



Our online services may contain cookies (a small text file that is saved on your device when you visit a website). Subtonomy’s cookies do not contain any data that can identify you as a person, but they give us the opportunity to store your behavior between different interaction occasions. It also means that we can better adapt our communication to you.



Information we collect

  • Which events you have participated in and been interested in

  • What written content you have been interested in and downloaded

  • Which pages you have shown interest in on

  • Number of opening emails from Subtonomy

  • Number of clicks on specific links in emails from Subtonomy


And other public information that you provide in your interaction with us.


The purpose of collecting personal information is to operate, develop and create added value for both you as a customer and for us as a company. The information you provide us, we use to understand what you are interested in and so that we can then send relevant content that we think you would be interested in.

Information we collect

How does Subtonomy communicate?

Below are examples of communication and marketing that you will receive when you are part of Subtonomy’s database.

1. You will receive information about, for example, events, news and content such as articles, blog posts and white papers - which we think is interesting for you.

2. Sometimes we also want to share your opinions so that we can improve our services, which is why we may contact you for evaluations and surveys.


Subtonomy mainly uses e-mail but sometimes also telephone, SMS and letters to communicate with you.



Rights of the data subject

You have the right to request an extract from the register of what information we at Subtonomy process about you. You also have the right to request that certain information be deleted or altered if it is incorrect or incomplete, or if you have objections to processing for marketing purposes. If you have any questions or concerns, just get in touch at


Entry into force of the policy: 30 September 2020.



The information entrusted to Subtonomy is treated in a reassuring manner. Only a limited number of persons with special qualifications have access to the data. The personal data is not transferred to anyone outside Subtonomy, other than those listed below under the heading "Sharing and disclosure of personal data".



Sharing and disclosure of personal data

We do not sell or give away information to third parties. When you participate in an activity that is wholly or partly financed by an external company, we share the following information; participants' first names, surnames, companies and email addresses. In these cases, the other party will not have access to the information on the notified parties until after the activity has taken place.


Personal data may also be disclosed in the event that it is prescribed by law or regulation.

Regarding marketing and follow-up and development of Subtonomy services and activities - the tasks are handled only within Subtonomy.


Personal Data Representative

Subtonomy has appointed a so-called personal data representative, whose task is to ensure that the processing of personal data is correct and compatible with current rules. The personal data representative also has the task of helping customers get incorrectly registered information corrected. To get in touch with the personal data representative, you can send an e-mail to



The person responsible for personal data is:

Subtonomy AB, 556892-0523

Katarinavägen 19

116 45 Stockholm

Access to personal data

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