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Pinpoint your Underperforming Enterprises

Proactively support your Enterprise Customers and ensure 5G quality with precision control. Automate SLA reporting, and proactively manage handovers and network slices – All in ONE dynamic solution.


Working with the best

Subtonomy CorpDash empowers your support agents to identify enterprises & as well as individual employees affected by poor network performance in real-time, ensuring they can intervene before the relationship is irreparably damaged.

This level of transparency helps build a closer, more interactive and proactive relationship with B2B customers and this valuable information can even be shared with enterprises in their channel of choice. 

Support your demanding Enterprise Customers with ease

Build trust and increase sales

Empower your sales teams with vital insight into how enterprises and employees are using services and identify where they would benefit from relevant products and services upgrades.


By highlighting the enterprises most affected by service performance problems, CorpDash supports account managers to not only identify service management issues, but also pinpoint upsell and cross-sell opportunities such as under-spec’d products or additional products that would be useful for your enterprise customers.

Let’s talk Results:


Speed the preparation of network performance reports by 90%

Planned maintenance notifications dropped by 99% thanks to ability to pinpoint affected customers only.


Improved case

efficiency in tech support

Complex enterprise troubleshooting is reduced from weeks to seconds. 



One of the biggest internal benefits is the enablement of the communication bridge between my team and our key account 

managers who now can see and easily understand the same information as the technical team, and communicate that to the enterprise customer. For example, it could be that an OS version or older mobile phones are affecting the service delivery

for a larger number of enterprise customers. This type of major troubleshooting that affects an entire company may have taken several weeks to address in the past, but now we get a total overview in a few seconds”


Technical System Specialist

2nd line support B2B & B2C

Telia Sweden

Customer success stories

Customers' success is our success. Download and read how telecom operators like you use Subtonomy's solutions to elevate their customer support and service operations center. 

Telia Sweden -

Increasing customer

support efficiency

Telia has refined and improved work processes to streamline its business outcomes and improve the customer experience.

Tier 2 operator improving 

enterprise experience with CorpDash

With focus on enterprise experience, this Tier 2 mobile network operator has deployed Subtonomy CorpDash to monitor all enterprise SLAs in real-time.

Automatic SLA-

reporting for each enterprise

Accurate data about customer need and network performance enables the design of smarter SLAs, complemented by real-time KPI monitoring and alerts for potential guarantee breaches.


With CorpDash you will craft intelligent, tiered SLAs and SLGs tailored for 4G, 5G, private networks, network slices, and geographic zones.

Let's connect

Book a personalized demo to see how Subtonomy can elevate and streamline your customer care operations.


What can you expect?

  • A customized demo aligned with your objectives

  • Targeted discussions on how to rethink and elevate your customer support with Subtonomy

  • Expert guidance on enhancing User & Agent Experience and a seamless service delivery

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