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Attitudes to Customer Support in South Africa 2023

This new research on the telecoms customer support market, looking at the South African market, which provides key insights into the online habits and customer support expectations of South Africans.

The state of Mobile & Broadband customer support 2022

This report maps trends, challenges and future investments in mobile & broadband customer support, – focusing on how customers use the internet and their experience of customer support.

Annual Global Telecom

Industry Survey 2021

Subtonomy has teamed up with in this years prestigious Annual Industry Survey 2021. 

How telcos can create value with multi-faceted automation

Join Subtonomy and insights team in this white paper to and learn how automation is at the centre of improving efficiency and growing top line for telecom operators.

The state of Telecom Technical Customer Support 2021

Discover trends, challenges and future investments in technical customer support in this market study from 2021. 

A smartphone

Communication Service Provider 

technical support

preferences 2020

Discover how consumer prefer to interact with their CSPs technical customer support in this market survey from 2020. 


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