Subtonomy is the
leading service
assurance provider
in the Nordics. 

Subtonomy at a glance

Subtonomy is the leading telecom customer service assurance provider in the Nordics. Our software platform is used by customer support, operations and directly by subscribers through self-service functionalities. Our focus is on automating parts of technical support while also providing support agents with tools to better serve subscribers with more complex issues. Our objectives are to create a faster, more efficient and digital customer service experience. 

Our idea is a software technology which is sophisticated enough, for something as complex as a complete mobile network, so it can run by itself, without manual interaction. Because the network will be smart enough to analyze and draw conclusions from its own data.


Today we are commercially running automatically set thresholds and alarms for mobile networks and provide technical self-service functionalities to mobile subscribers as well as automatically customized communication with them.


As for the mobile network running by itself, we’re not there yet. But we are getting closer.

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the leading telecom
service assurance provider

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