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Monitor your Smart Places. Instant and over time.

With an accurate 360˚ view of your venue, event or smart place, you can instantly monitor how your network performs down to cell and handset level and empower your operations center with historical and real-time data. And with everything in one place, you’ll never be caught off guard.

Crowds is Highly Commendedat the World CommunicationsAwards 2023 in the 'SmartPlaces' category.

For bigger gatherings, such as sport events and music festivals, there are many things to be handled. Network needs to be planned and optimized properly in advance and during the  event. It needs to monitored in a good way so appropriate actions can be taken if something happens. Meanwhile reporting status and KPI's to different stakeholders. Afterwards a proper event follow-up is in place. 


When managing all this, it is not enough to just know the network behaviors; what users are attending, what devices they have and their usage behavior for a certain kind of event will be just as important.

Revolutionize venue monitoring: from pop-ups to smart established places  

Monitor network related KPIs

Crowds gives you control over how many users were served by your network, how much traffic they generated and how they perceived the delivered service quality. With the intuitive web interface it is easy to setup and mange new and previous events and venues. 


The user can filter and select a specific venue or event and time period to see network related KPIs, such as which cells are causing poor service experience during an event. An overview visualizes usage per day and services (voice / SMS / data) and number of active subscriber. It is possible to drill down to hourly data for each KPI. Different reports from each selected event can be generated and shared within your organization and it is possible at a later stage to go back and look at old events.

1. Calendar overview

Access historical reports for both events and venues, tailored to your needs. In our system, a venue is defined by a specific cell configuration, while an event covers a designated time period. Get the comprehensive data you need, when you need it.

2. Cell footprint

Gain insights into cell performance during events with a real-time breakdown of top-performing and underperforming cells. Make data-driven decisions to optimize your network.

3. Roamers per operator

Get a comprehensive view of all users at an event, whether they're roaming or permanent. Our dashboard highlights key performance indicators, device usage, and service quality insights, enabling you to understand user behavior and experience in real time.

4. Easy stakeholder reports

While delivering real-time reports and key performance indicators to stakeholders, our platform ensures robust post-event follow-ups.

Equally crucial is understanding attendee profiles, device types, and usage patterns for each specific event. With Subtonomy, you get a 360˚ view for better decision-making.

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Advanced analytics

In the side panel, easily filter by venue, event, or time frame to view critical network KPIs. Identify problematic cells affecting service quality during events.

Our dashboard offers daily overviews of service usage — voice, SMS, data — and active subscriber counts. You can also delve into hourly KPI details. Generate and share event-specific reports across your organization, with the flexibility to revisit past data anytime.

Cell Performance: Gain actionable insights into each event by identifying top-performing and underperforming cells. 


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Handling complexity and understanding user experience is key to efficient network operations. We use Subtonomy to help us stay efficient in an ever changing environment.


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