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Tech Support in your pocket. Open 24/7.

Elevate your customer support with our 360˚ data-driven platform, providing accurate tech support, real-time updates and targeted alerts across all digital channels - AI chat, IVR, mobile apps or website. 

Technical Self-Service

Working with the best

Scale your support effortlessly with Subtonomy's Technical Self-Service API. Designed to integrate seamlessly into all digital support channels, our API delivers real-time, personalized tech support, providing the same level of transparent and accurate information to your customers that your agents have on their desktops.

Utilizing our 360˚ data-driven technology, the API identifies and proactively alerts only the customers affected by service anomalies or planned maintenance, ensuring efficient and tailored support. Free up your agents to focus on complex cases by automating up to 75% of your technical support interactions. Transform your customer service into an intelligent, responsive, and cost-efficient operation —always open and always on point.

Automated Self-Service: The key to scaling your tech support effortlessly

Elevate your AI chatbots

Supercharge your telecom AI chatbots by leveraging comprehensive customer data. With Subtonomy's cutting-edge API solution, execute advanced troubleshooting and deliver real-time, next-best actions directly in chat conversations with your customers 24/7.


Take your customer support experience to the next level—making it smarter, faster, and more personalized. 

Let’s talk Results:


Automate 75% of your tech support cases,  leaving your CSRs free to handle the most complex cases.


Deliver round-the-clock, personalized and accurate support across both digital channels and IVR.

Increase your digital engagement by 300% and use the resulting insight to prioritize network development according to your customers' needs.



Reduce stress on your contact center with Self-Service that is proven to reduce calls to customer service by 20%.

This data-driven approach where we are able to look at how network data actually affects customers and respond instantly to this when engaging with the customers is, I think, the way to work.


Business Developer, Telenor Sweden

Real-time updates

Keep your customers in the loop. Provide real-time updates on open trouble tickets and network faults, eliminating needless callbacks and enhancing efficiency, with Subtonomy's API solution.


Pinpoint issues whether they stem from the network or the customer's device. Go a step further by proactively informing customers about network performance issues like call drop-outs, giving them clarity on when and how fixes will occur.

Consolidated Agent Desktop
Enterprise SLAs reporting

Support your Enterprise customers with accurate reporting. 

Self-Service in digital channels
Support Engine Platform

A support engine where all personal experiences add up.

Discover more

Customer success stories

Customers' success is our success. Download and read how telecom operators like you use Subtonomy's solutions to elevate their customer support and service operations center. 

Telia Sweden -

Increasing customer support efficiency

Telia has refined and improved work processes to streamline its business outcomes and improve the customer experience.

Telenor's automated technical self-service offers improved customer experience

A new solution for simplifying troubleshooting in customer service in just a few months.

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  • A customized demo aligned with your objectives

  • Targeted discussions on how to rethink and elevate your customer support with Subtonomy

  • Expert guidance on enhancing User & Agent Experience and a seamless service delivery

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