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Supercharge your Support Agents

Unlock seamless Tech Support with our 360˚data driven dashboard. Elevate agent performance and deliver personalized experiences – All in ONE centralized hub. 


Working with the best

Meet today's challenges and ever increasing demands and deliver an outstanding customer service with a 360˚ customer-centric service view in the SubSearch. Imagine focus on each individual customer's satisfaction at every step of the customer journey, seamlessly across all support channels. 


With efficient and modern tools based on Machine Learning you will be able to act on your large amounts of rich customer data and make data-driven recommendations, regardless of whether the problem is related to the customer's broadband or 5G mobile network - last week or five minutes ago. And with everything in one place you will never be caught off guard. 

360 ° customer view of service experience



Make daily life in the call center much easier with a hassle-free onboarding process, simplified troubleshooting already in first-line boosting first call resolution.

Your agent will be empowered to identify if, and what trouble, the individual customer is experience and next best actions on how to resolve the potential issues.

Any issues affecting the customer’s network experience or device performance is clearly stated to support agents via color-coded and clear text messages. 

Seamless support in 3 seconds

No more long wait time and slow systems. Get instant access to real-time and historical data, boosting efficiency and valuing your customer's time.

Support agents can view a customer's complete action history, including previous troubleshoots or speed tests. This enables agents to validate both current and past network experiences for each customer, fostering accurate and transparent dialogue.

Pre-analyzed map search

SubSearch gives your Support Agents access a complete history of cell connections over specific time frames, all within our user-friendly map view.


The Support Agents can dive deeper to spot potential issues with detailed cell views. And thanks to Google Maps integration, they can swiftly switch to Street View to understand geographical factors that might be impacting performance.

Let’s talk Results:


reduced calls to contact center


decreased average case handling time


reduced escalations


automated tech support


& self-service

Tech support in your pocket. Open 24/7.

Enterprise SLA-reporting

Support your Enterprise customers.

The Support Engine Platform

Any data source, ONE great support experience.

Discover all tech support solutions

We have managed to reduce both the number of complaint calls and the time we need to spend on each call. With Subtonomy, we’re working more efficiently while getting happier customers.


Head of Service Assurance & Operation @ Telia Norge

Customer success stories

Customers' success is our success. Download and read how telecom operators like you use Subtonomy's solutions to elevate their customer support and service operations center. 

Telia Sweden -

Increasing customer

support efficiency

Telia has refined and improved work processes to streamline its business outcomes and improve the customer experience.

Telia Finland -

Success in an  implementation project

A new solution for simplifying troubleshooting in customer service in just a few months.

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What can you expect?

  • A customized demo aligned with your objectives

  • Targeted discussions on how to rethink and elevate your customer support with Subtonomy

  • Expert guidance on enhancing User & Agent Experience and a seamless service delivery

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