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Any data source, ONE great support experience

Our future-proofed Data Platform & Support Engine comes with integrated trouble ticketing and advanced alarms. Experience customer support that's not just personalized, but ahead of the curve. 

Subtonomy delivers a 360˚ view of real-time network experience – empowering your teams with the insight they need to support, secure, innovate and sell. 

Most of the data that is needed you already have. But it’s trapped in silos and only used for limited purposes. We free your data, pulling everything together into one place and enriching it to deliver an unprecedented level of actionable real-time insight.  As a single source of network experience data, we ensure that all your customer service channels are in-sync, and all your teams benefit from the data they need to transform your results.

With Subtonomy, your customer support agents and self-service channels will be continuously updated with real-time information from network monitoring, trouble-ticket integrations and an alarm framework.

Master your support game -tailored experiences made easy


Our Support Engine and Data platform, fueled by AI and Machine Learning, aggregates data from diverse sources - such as passive probes, BSS & OSS, cells, devices and more.


You can run multiple CRM systems or probes in parallel, or switch to new sources as your telecom data setup evolves. This enables us to provide a real-time, individualized 360° view of customer experiences, revolutionizing your approach to technical support.

Evolve your telecom data setup seamlessly

The Subtonomy Platform manages billions of data transactions daily

Subtonomy Platform

• All data processed in real-time

• Machine Learning used for finding deviations in service performance

ANY data source, ONE great support experience

For example control plane data for both circuit switched and packet switched networks, 

user plane data which provides information about uplink and downlink data flows and throughput as well as deep packet inspection (DPI) which gives a service-level view of services being consumed.​

Passive probes

Anritsu, Polystar, Viavi, Netscout and more

Billing data, TAP files, work orders and more. 

BSS Data

Business Support Systems

Network inventory, service orchestration and more. 

OSS Data

Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei, ZTE

ISO 27001 certified

 Subtonomy is certified with  ISO 27001:2013, the strictest global security standard for information security (ISMS). Our ISMS scope includes our product development, and support process as well as our organization, business operation and office. ​

GDPR compliant

The Subtonomy Platform is fully GDPR compliant, adhering to stringent data privacy regulations and in active use within Europe.  

NATO / non-NATO countries

The Subtonomy Platform is successfully used in both NATO and non-NATO countries in Europe.


At Subtonomy, we understand the paramount importance of safeguarding sensitive customer data. In a world where telecoms handle vast volumes of confidential information, trust and security are our utmost priorities.

We are proud to announce our commitment to data protection and compliance. Subtonomy holds ISO 27001 certification, we are fully GDPR compliant and, our presence spans both NATO and non-NATO countries.

Subtonomy secure billions of data transaction 

Installation options and license model

SaaS license – free number of users

Subtonomy utilizes a SaaS license model, ensuring you always have an up-to-date and well-maintained product with the latest technologies, solutions and methods included.


We offer unlimited user seats to our system at all times, aligning with our commitment to providing comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions for telecom operators.

On-premise or in the cloud installation - up to you!

You have the flexibility to choose whether you prefer cloud-based or on-premises installation.

Fast installation process

From order to system acceptance, the process takes around 3 to 6 months. This timeline reflects our commitment to efficient and streamlined processes while ensuring that you receive a fully functional and effective solution that aligns with your telecom operations.

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