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The total solution for technical customer support

Discover the most extensive solution for technical customer support that is tailored for the telecom industry. Meet today's challenges and ever increasing demands and deliver an outstanding customer service and support with a unified customer-centric view.

Imagine focus on each individual customer's satisfaction at every step of the customer journey. 

With the Subtonomy solution in place, MNOs' customer service and support organization will be able to act on large amounts of service data and deliver extraordinary and personalized support experiences across all channels.  


The vast majority of MNOs already have large amounts of rich customer data that they do not use efficiently in Customer Support. With this data collected in an aggregated customer-view the support agent is empowered to identify if, and what trouble, the individual customer is experience and recommendations on how to resolve the potential issues.

Add value with personalizedcustomer experience

Watch how it works




Display pre-analyzed search result
in 3 seconds.


Everything is displayed in ONE
consolidated agent desktop


360˚ customer-centric view of
service experience


Reduce escalations by 60%.


Decrease average handling time
by 47% per case.


Satsified client base. 


The Subtonomy tech support solution will improve both your agents' desktop and enable them to a provide world-class support experience, it will also streamline your operations and cut costs. 

Thanks to extensive insights to the service experience - wether it is 2G, 5G SA, FWA or anything in between our ML powered support brings together data from a wide range of sources – including passive probes, BSS & OSS, cells, devices and more – to create an accurate, real-time picture of what your customers are actually experiencing. Subtonomy delivers a 360 degree view of real-time service experience – empowering your service team with the insight they need to support and add value to the organization and the customer

Elevate every interaction

With new challenges like distributed workforces, increased customer expectations for 24/7 connectivity and availability, the role of customer service agents is more important –
and more complex – than ever. 

Level up your support agent experience

ONE connected

agent desktop

The changing landscape of customer interactions is making the job as support agent more complex than ever before.

Empower your agents by giving them a connected desktop and provide them with all needed customer-centric service data in ONE single tool.

Share network data across to agents and customers

Act on your large amounts of rich service data that's not used in Customer Support today. The data is collected in an aggregated customer-view and empowers the agents to identify if, and what trouble, the individual customer is experience and how to resolve it.


dominant mindset

Feed your conversational AI agents, chatbots, self-service, apps and other digital channels with the same accurate, transparent and timely data your agents receive.

At least 75% of all tech issues can be resolved in non-assisted channels.

Empower your supportagents

Real time results in

3 seconds

Real-time and historical results are displayed in an instant, improving both efficiency and value your customers time.


analytics results

Color-coded and clear text messages will tell your agent what services are affected, whether any live trouble tickets are associated with the disruption and the likely time it will take to resolve the issue.


Your agent will be empowered to identify if, and what trouble, the individual customer is experience and recommendations on how to resolve the potential issues.

Omnichannel support journey

Your agent will be empowered to see previous self-care searches done by the customer in other support channels, 3 rd party speed tests results, so customer don't need to repeat themselves. 


Customers have their preferred service channels. With Subtonomy APIs, you can assist them seamlessly, even on-the-go at 3 am. Younger demographics lean towards chat, while the youngest groups often seek solutions on Google or YouTube.

Enhance self-service to gain an edge, attracting loyal younger customers faster. Steer support from unreliable sources to your content-controlled systems, avoiding silent churn. From basic chatbots to advanced conversational AI, self-service via chat has evolved, offering richer troubleshooting and solutions.

Connect on their terms

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Conversational AI

Subtonomy's API integrates seamlessly into your chat or virtual agent solution, enabling personalized, efficient support that resolves customer issues directly within the chat interface.

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Interactive Voice Response

Integrate Subtonomy's API into your IVR for real-time, individual customer analysis. Quickly identify issues and estimate resolution times, reducing contact center calls by at least 20%.

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Mobile App

Proactively notify customers about disruptions or planned network maintenance, meeting the expectations of 90% of customers. Continue with timely updates until resolution, as expected by 99% of customers.

Intelligent Self-Service: Meeting Customer DIY Demand

With an accurate 360˚ customer-centric service view, you can instantly alert only customers affected by a service anomaly to provide a personalized customer support experience, and real-time updates. And with personalized tech support in your customers' pocket, you’ll always be open to serve.

Tech support in your pocket. Open 24/7.

Learn more about our products 
for FWA Technical  Customer Support 

SubSearch - Consolidated Agent Desktop

Unlock seamless Tech Support with our 360˚data driven dashboard. Elevate agent performance and deliver personalized experiences – All in ONE centralized hub. 

Automation & Self service APIs

Elevate your customer support with our 360˚ data-driven platform, providing accurate tech support, real-time updates and targeted alerts across all digital channels - chat, IVR, mobile apps or website. 

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