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Subtonomy products

Subtonomy offers a comprehensive product portfolio tailored to meet the critical needs of the telecom industry.

SubSearch - Consolidated agent desktop

Unlock seamless Tech Support with our 360˚data driven dashboard. Elevate agent performance and deliver personalized experiences – All in ONE centralized hub. 

Automation & Self service APIs

Elevate your customer support with our 360˚ data-driven platform, providing accurate tech support, real-time updates and targeted alerts across all digital channels - chat, IVR, mobile apps or website. 

CorpDash - Support your Enterprise Customers

Proactively support your Enterprise Customers and ensure 5G quality with precision control. Automate SLA reporting, and proactively manage handovers and network slices – All in ONE dynamic solution.

BrandDash - analyze and benchmark MVNOs, brands & IoTs

Benchmark and analyze slices of your network with ease. Get full picture of brand performance and detect misusage outside of contract and see number of devices and users.

Products for Telecom Customer Support

NocMap - Customer-centric performance in real-time

Analyze network performance through the lens of customer impact and understand the real-world experiences of each customer. 

Optimize network performance for every

Enhance your network's efficiency with tailored insights into how each device, from cutting-edge smartphones to older models, impacts your network. 

Crowds - Monitor your Smart Places

With an accurate 360˚ view of your venue, event or smart place, you can instantly monitor how your network performs down to cell and handset level and empower your operations center with historical and real-time data. 

SubCell - customer-centric radioplanning

Revolutionize how you plan, build, and adapt your mobile network with customer-centric radioplanning across all technologies and spectrums, ensuring peak performance and customer satisfaction. 

Interconnect - filter traffic by carrier or country

Automatically analyze problematic destinations, plan destinations and do follow-up SLA:s and correlate user related issues with interconnect alarms.

Roamers - analyze ALL roaming traffic

Significantly improve customer service experience for all roaming traffic and decrease complaint calls by 80% and improve case efficiency by 90%. 

Products for Telecom Service Assurance

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