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Subtonomy products

Subtonomy offers a comprehensive product portfolio tailored to meet the critical needs of the telecom industry.

Products for Telecom Service Assurance

Speed responses to

Lawful Requests 

Automate, secure and speed your responses to lawful mass geolocation, emergency call location and criminal investigations requests. While remaining completely compliant.

Crowds - Monitor your Smart Places

With an accurate 360˚ view of your venue, event or smart place, you can instantly monitor how your network performs down to cell and handset level and empower your operations center with historical and real-time data. 

The Support Engine Platform

Our future-proofed Data Platform & Support Engine comes with integrated trouble ticketing and advanced alarms. Experience customer support that's not just personalized, but ahead of the curve.

Learn more about our products 
for FWA Technical  Customer Support 

SubSearch - Consolidated Agent Desktop

Unlock seamless Tech Support with our 360˚data driven dashboard. Elevate agent performance and deliver personalized experiences – All in ONE centralized hub. 

Automation & Self service APIs

Elevate your customer support with our 360˚ data-driven platform, providing accurate tech support, real-time updates and targeted alerts across all digital channels - chat, IVR, mobile apps or website. 

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