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Customer-Centric radioplanning redefined

Subtonomy SubCell - helps telecom operators to plan their radio telecom network based with a real customer-centric approach.

Revolutionize how you plan, build, and adapt your mobile network with customer-centric radioplanning across all technologies and spectrums, ensuring peak performance and customer satisfaction. With SubCell, navigate the future of network planning with confidence.

Empower your telecom network with customer-centric radioplanning

Customer real-time & historical data

Embrace customer-centric radioplanning by utilizing real-time or historical user and device data to enhance site and cell planning, avoiding congestion and optimizing network performance. Seamlessly manage the transition during the 2G and 3G sunset, maintaining a focus on customer needs.

Customizable reports

Generate tailored reports for selected areas, focusing on specific KPIs for targeted customer and device types, ensuring data-driven decisions.

Detailed device analytics

Enable a customer-centric approach with access to cell-level insights on device types and network usage (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G), driving strategic expansions, informed sunsetting, and improvements tailored to customer requirements.

With SubCell’s streamlined web interface searching for cells, customers, and their devices is effortlessly simple, ensuring you're always a step ahead in planning and analysis. Crafting detailed, customizable reports becomes the norm, not the exception, enabling you to closely examine subscriber impact, device trends, and network performance.


Our intuitive map UI brings your network to life, offering deep geographical insights with advanced selection tools for a thorough site evaluation at a glance.


Whether analyzing a single site or multiple ones, importing cell/site lists, or selecting directly on the map, every subscriber's home address within your chosen area is clearly plotted, allowing for precise impact assessment.

Advanced cell analysis with SubCell Map UI

Utilize KPI filters to tailor your view, and with a click, delve into comprehensive KPI data or further explore with SubSearch from the IMSI.


In the event of an incident, quickly compiling all pertinent customer information for effective analysis or communication with affected subscribers is seamless, with reports ready for review in Excel or back in our intuitive map interface, keeping your operations agile and informed.

In-depth real-time cell analysis

Delve into the intricacies of your network with NocMap's detailed, real-time KPI graphs. From a broad network overview to the granular details of individual cells, our dynamic graphs provide a comprehensive visualization of your network's health.


These interactive graphs not only display current data but also allow you to drill down into specific events for a more thorough analysis.

For a broader perspective, historical graphs are readily available, offering valuable insights into past performance and trends. This blend of real-time and historical data, presented through an intuitive user interface, makes NocMap an indispensable tool for precise and informed network management.

Handling complexity and understanding user experience is key to efficient network operations. We use Subtonomy to help us stay efficient in an ever changing environment.


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