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Subtonomy enables CSPs to deliver a quality network service experience to consumers, enterprises and wholesale partners by providing the ultimate solution for technical support including trouble ticket integrations and alarms framework. 


Our service experience platform, powered by Machine Learning brings together data from a wide range of sources – including passive probes, BSS & OSS, cells, devices and more – to create an accurate, real-time picture of what your customers are actually experiencing on an individual level.

Any data source, ONE great support experience

Subtonomy delivers a 360˚ view of real-time network experience – empowering your teams with the insight they need to support, secure, innovate and sell. 

Most of the data that is needed you already have. But it’s trapped in silos and only used for limited purposes. We free your data, pulling everything together into one place and enriching it to deliver an unprecedented level of actionable real-time insight.  As a single source of network experience data, we ensure that all your customer service channels are in-sync, and all your teams benefit from the data they need to transform your results.

With Subtonomy, your customer support agents and self-service channels will be continuously updated with real-time information from network monitoring, trouble-ticket integrations and an alarm framework.

CustomerSupport integrations

Enrich your data and act upon it


Once we have pulled together your data, we mediate it to make it actionable. Machine Learning is applied to flag up in real-time when KPIs are being impacted. Predictive analytics identify who’s likely to be affected by future events.


All data is processed and presented into our applications in real-time, which means your customer service representatives are instantly empowered to identify service degradations and triage customer inquiries. At the same time, network operations can spring into action to fix trouble tickets, and prioritize their work orders according to what will have the biggest customer impact.

Couple at an Event

Engage your customers


Instead of just reacting to customer inquiries and problems, Subtonomy puts you in the driving seat and helps you reach out proactively. Not only can you inform customers about planned engineering works and their likely impact, you can predict who’s like to churn and take proactive steps to prevent them leaving. You can also delight customers by understanding their needs better – suggesting relevant products to enhance their experience.

Tailor-made applications for telecom network monitoring

Our tailor-made telecom applications for network monitoring instantly feed service performance information to the customer support solution, including trouble-ticket integrations and alarms.

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