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Secure Data Retention and Geolocation Services

Forget everything you think you know about fulfilling lawful intercept data retention and geolocation requests.


We help telecoms to automate, secure and speed your responses to lawful mass geolocation, emergency call location and criminal investigations requests. While remaining completely compliant.

Subtonomy REX

Improves the way telecoms respond to data retention & geolocation requests

In today’s fast-paced and connected world, telecoms data has a critical role to play in assisting law enforcement, emergency services and anti-terrorism teams. Since 2006, mobile network operators (MNOs) in the EU/EES have been legally obliged to provide telecoms data when lawfully requested.


However, MNOs face mounting pressure to provide accurate data promptly. The data is often fragmented across a large number of telecoms systems, which have to be searched individually. Supplying it in a usable format is therefore costly, time consuming and prone to human error.

We understand the challenges MNOs are facing when dealing with outdated systems and silos that limit the ability to efficiently manage lawful intercept requests and without individual dependencies.


We're here to change that. 

We blend cutting-edge technology with world-class expertise into usable tools designed to eliminate internal bottlenecks and provide fast results. Are you ready to improve the way you respond to lawful interception requests? Together, we will create a brighter future for the society and ultimately assist law enforcement to save human lives. 

Join us at ISS Europe

Information Systems Intelligence
Prague, 6-8 June 2023

ISS World Europe present the methodologies and tools for Law Enforcement in the fight against drug trafficking, cyber money laundering, human trafficking, terrorism and other criminal activities conducted over today's telecom network.

Telia Norway will explain how Subtonomy REX solution has transformed its responses to lawful interception requests. 

Don't miss:

Simplifying lawful requests: how CSPs can automate, secure and speed their responses to criminal investigations

15:25-16:05 Tuesday 6 June 2023 - Track 1, Session B.

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Don’t take our word for it

Take theirs

Terje Rudin, 
Product Manager Police Response Center & NOC
Telenor Norway

"Telenor Norway has recently implemented REX as a solution for handling authority requests. We are very pleased by both the system itself and with Subtonomy as a vendor. REX gives us a completely different workday in terms of easiness of use and query response time. Reports we previously had to wait several hours for are now generated in minutes or even seconds. Subtonomy impresses us by being very welcoming, customer-oriented and solution-focused, with high quality project deliveries and reliable support services."

 Swedish Telecom Operator

"We've been using Subtonomy's REX solution for Lawful Authority requests for several years now and it's been an absolute privilege. We've been impressed with its exceptional features, performance, and adaptability, and the Subtonomy team has provided us with top-notch support. We appreciate Subtonomy and their consistent reliability as a partner in this sphere.”

Transform the way you respond to lawful requests

Discover how REX’s consolidated and automated approach can transform your response to lawful requests. REX ensures you’re both compliant and

efficient, accelerating your response

while simultaneously reducing the risk

of human errors.

  • Search results within 30 seconds

  • Instant delivery to requester

  • Streamlined workflow in ONE consolidated system

  • Accurate results 

  • Secure remote access for SAR teams


Automate & streamline requests

Simplifying, automating and increasing responsiveness to lawful requests is made easier with REX from Subtonomy. REX is a dedicated application which utilizes the power of the Subtonomy Platform to efficiently and accurately automate MNOs’ responses to lawful geolocation and data retention requests. The data required by authorities is collected by Subtonomy’s Platform from passive probes, network elements and all underlying subsystems, and preprocessed to make it easier to respond to requests in a timely and efficient manner.

REX enables you to:

Mobile phone with text messages

Mobile data collection

Data from network equipment, passive probes (XDRs) including  calls, SMS, data connections, location and flexible to new sources and technologies, such as 5G.

Positioning icon wih a heart.

Eliminate risk of human error

Automate as large part of the process as possible both for efficiency and potential "human factor" errors. Retain data for desired number of days. The database allows for prompt search results that can be viewed on a map or in a table.

Databes icon

Enriching & integrating data

Mapping between subscriber and current IP address (NAT logs) and integrating with cell databases, device databases, CRM and roaming records (TAP files).

File icon

Use adaptable sources & formats

Locations can be viewed via our intuitive GUI in map or table formats. Reports can be exported in Excel, CSV or XML formats, or in standardized formats such as ETSI TS102 657.

Securit icon

Securing & constraining access

Only authorized users and subset of data is authorized. Logging of all searches and search trails is included.

Graphic icon.

Fast search results & Data retention

The databases are built for fast search-times with search data retained for a specific time period. It is possible to search both on individual subscribers as well as on all traffic related to specific locations.

REX key figures

Compliance - above and beyond

REX has been in production for several years in both NATO and non-NATO countries in Europe and is fully compliant with all relevant legislation and regulation. Working as a trusted partner to our customers means Subtonomy has deep insight into what’s required to efficiently and securely comply with both lawful requests and GDPR.

How REX addresses key challenges

Location, mobile and data based intelligence

Search for a specific user, specify the activity and set the time frame. The user's movement are instantly displayed on the map. Alternatively, specify an area and REX will create a list of all the subscribers and their activities in this area over a set time period.

Subtonomy REX geodata platform map view.


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