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  • Reduce costs & streamline your Customer Support operations

  • Simplifies troubleshooting in 1st/2nd line Customer Support

  • Technical self-service for your customers in their channel of choice

  • Builds trust & loyalty with transparent communication


Search for enterprise or single subscriber - in real-time


Most mobile operators have a lot of rich customer data that is not being utilized in Customer Service at all. Neither in B2C nor B2B. With our applications for Customer Support - SubSearch for consumers, CorpDash and BrandDash for enterprises - this data is analyzed and easily accessible for Customer Support agents, at all levels. 


The tool visualizes if the subscriber is, or have been, affected by any mobile network related anomaly in a clear and easy understandable dashboard and data driven solution proposals.

With Technical self-service, powered by our API, the same information can be accessible in the customers channel of choice - such as your website, chat, app or IVR. 

Automated technical support
- How it works for the customer

Call Center Employee

SubSearch simplifies troubleshooting of mobile network data

  • Increases troubleshooting capabilities for mobile networks issues at subscriber level, instead of generic issues, in 1st / 2nd line support. 

  • Reduces Average Handling Time (AHT) by up to 15 minutes per trouble ticket in 2nd line support.* 

  • Increases First Call Resolution (FCR). Resolve most tickets in 1st / 2nd line support with efficient data-driven analysis and solution proposals. 

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) with empowered agents and fast resolution identified to the problem. 

Deepen your enterprise relations with CorpDash


  • Set up individual KPI’s in 3G/4G/5G and define SLA- levels & zones.

  • Automatic alarms connected to SLA empowers you to resolve potential issues without your customers even noticing. 

  • Automate & transparent customised reporting.

  • Personalized and relevant maintenance communication.

  • Internal brand and device separation, such as sub brands or IoT devices.

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Technical Self-Service just
got an upgrade.

In today’s telecom market where competition is fierce and offerings may be similar, the way you manage your technical customer support can be a key differentiator. 


By providing an automated, instant and personalized tech support 24/7 in real-time and preferred digital channel - chat, app, web, smart assistant or IVR - 

you will increase your customer engagement and satisfaction. 


At the same time you;

- decrease the number of calls to Customer Support,
- increase the customer engagement

- increase the brand transparency and customer loyalty

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