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The ultimate solution for
technical customer support

Subtonomy offers the most extensive solution for technical customer support in the Nordics and Baltic region that is tailored for the telecom industry. We help Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to meet today's challenges and ever increasing demands and deliver an outstanding customer service and support with a unified customer-centric view.


Imagine focus on each individual customer's satisfaction at every step of the customer journey. 

With the Subtonomy solution in place, CSPs' customer service and support organization will be able to act on large amounts of service data and deliver extraordinary and personalized support experiences across all channels.  


The vast majority of CSPs already have large amounts of rich customer data that they do not use efficiently in Customer Support. With this data collected in an aggregated customer-view the support agent is empowered to identify if, and what trouble, the individual customer is experience and recommendations on how to resolve the potential issues.

Add value with personalized customer experience