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In the 5G era, it’s vital that your CSP can guarantee a quality connection to your enterprise customers and partners. This requires both a fine level of service control, as well as automatically and proactively detect when things aren’t performing as expected - including handovers between 5G, 4G, private networks and quality within individual network slices.

  • Pinpoint your underperforming enterprises

  • Automatic SLA-reporting for each enterprise 

  • Support demanding, QoS- and latency-sensitive use cases

  • 5G approved service assurance

5G is open for business


Successfully monetizing 5G requires exceptional service quality monitoring that correlates and predicts real-time experiences to meet customer and partner expectations.


Never be caught off guard when launching your new 5G services such as network slicing and private networks to enterprise customers. Your CSP can confidently design service-level guarantees, knowing you'll have the complete visibility and control of the service experience you’re delivering.

We know just how important the enterprise sector is to CSPs and believe CorpDash gives them the tools they need to build the quality network proposition required for success in the 5G era

Fredrik Edwall, SVP Sales & Marketing Subtonomy

Deepen your customer relations


Visualize how service performance is affecting each enterprise customer, as well as individual employees. This level of transparency helps build a closer, more interactive and proactive relationship with B2B customers and this valuable information can even be shared with enterprises in their channel of choice.


Create smarter, more granular and tiered service level agreements (SLAs) and guarantees (SLGs), with KPIs for 4G, 5G, private networks, network slices and geographical SLA zones.


Identify enterprises & employees affected by poor network performance in real-time, ensuring they can intervene before the relationship is irreparably damaged. Personalized and contextual communications via employees’ channel of choice further boosts customer experience. 


Empower your sales teams with vital insight into how enterprises and employees are using services and identify where they would benefit from relevant products and services upgrades.

What CorpDash delivers

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  • Faster more accurate reporting that’s available to account managers and to enterprises themselves in their channel of choice.

  • Accurate, personalized and proactive notification of planned engineering.

  • SLA and KPI monitoring, with alerts if there’s a risk guarantees will not be met.

  • Alerting of known network and device issues.

  • Monitoring of all networks via one system – including 3G, 4G, 5G, private networks, slices and campus networks. Results are displayed in seconds.

  • Accurate data about customer need and network performance that enables the design of smarter SLAs.

  • Support for account managers to identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities by isolating under-spec’d products or additional products that would be useful to an individual customer.

Pinpoint your underperforming enterprise customers


CorpDash isolates any issues affecting an enterprise's network experience or device performance. By highlighting the enterprises most affected by service performance problems, CorpDash supports account managers to not only identify service management issues, but also pinpoint upsell and cross-sell opportunities such as under-spec’d products or additional products that would be useful for your enterprise customers.

CorpDash revolutionized the use of enterprise-specific SLAs 


One of our B2B customers had a particular problem around SLAs and customer notifications. It was challenging to monitor if they were delivering the agreed performance - undermining the value of the SLAs and raising costs.

Adopting CorpDash revolutionized the way this CSP managed its SLAs. Not only was it able to visualize how network performance was affecting each of its enterprise customers and their employees in real time, but CorpDash automatically alerted it to any potential breaches.

CorpDash also allowed it to share this insight with its enterprise customers to build trust and transparency while speeding the preparation of network performance reports by 90%. Not only did CorpDash make it quicker and cheaper to produce reports, they were also more accurate and up-to-date as well.


CorpDash’s ability to help them pinpoint just the enterprises that were affected by planned engineering or network outages, the number of notifications sent out dropped by 99%. This was a win-win for both enterprise customers and the CSP. 



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