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CorpDash – support for enterprise customers


75% of CSPs say that more than 50% of their future revenue will come from B2B. But competition in the enterprise sector has never been fiercer. The question is, what are they doing to support this vital part of their business?


For CSPs to compete successfully in the lucrative B2B market they need a quality network proposition backed by the world-class customer service enterprises now expect as the network becomes an integral part of their operations. But ensuring enterprises stay connected and get the network experience they expect, just got harder with the advent of Work from Anywhere and the increasing complexity of enterprise applications. 

That’s where CorpDash comes in. It’s built on top of our market-leading platform to easily enable CSPs to isolate and understand the network experience they’re providing to their enterprise customers – delivering a complete overview of how network performance is impacting both individual enterprises and their employees.  

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CorpDash delivers transformative service experiences 

CorpDash provides unprecedented network visibility, empowering CSPs to become more proactive and responsive – boosting satisfaction and trust, reducing churn and creating new opportunities.



gives your CSRs insight into the network experience of individual subscribers
in real-time



provides the same information to customers
so they can help themselves



provides insight to support wholesale customers such

as MVNOs, sub-brands
and IoT providers



provides rich data about the performance of B2B services to enable better support for enterprise customers





Meet Sarah

Sarah is responsible for ensuring her business keeps connected. Her job is getting harder as her business utilizes ever-more demanding applications, becomes increasingly interconnected, and tries to support hybrid working in the Work Anywhere era.

I want to know about planned engineering so I can mitigate the effect on my business, especially the locations and users most likely to be affected.

I need to quickly rule out the network as the source of any problems so I can focus on troubleshooting our applications and devices.

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I need to know if guaranteed service levels are being met, what can be done to improve performance and whether I’m due compensation.

Are central IT services that power our operations, supply chain and commercial performance working optimally? Does my CSP guarantee this?

How do I ensure my employees stay connected and productive? Is there more I could do to boost their experience? Do I need to add more capacity due to increased usage?

Some of our employees are complaining they’re having problems when they work at home. What can my CSP do to help?

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How CorpDash helps


We know just how important the enterprise sector is to CSPs and believe CorpDash gives them the tools they need to build the quality network proposition required for success in the 5G era

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With CorpDash CSPs can easily visualize how network performance is affecting each of their enterprise customers, as well as individual employees. This level of transparency helps build a closer, more interactive and proactive relationship with B2B customers and this valuable information can even be shared with enterprises in their channel of choice.

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CorpDash enables CSPs to identify enterprises & employees affected by poor network performance in real-time, ensuring they can intervene before the relationship is irreparably damaged. Personalized and contextual communications via employees’ channel of choice further boosts customer experience. 

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CorpDash enables CSPs to create smarter, more granular and tiered service level agreements (SLAs) and guarantees (SLGs), with KPIs for 3G, 4G, 5G, private networks, campus networks, network slices and geographical SLA zones.

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The greater transparency and increased proactivity enabled by CorpDash lays the foundation for further sales to existing customers. But CorpDash goes a step further - empowering sales teams with vital insight into how enterprises and employees are using services and identifying where they would benefit from relevant products and services.

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What CorpDash delivers

  • Faster more accurate reporting that’s available to account managers and to enterprises themselves in their channel of choice.

  • Accurate, personalized and proactive notification of planned engineering.

  • SLA and KPI monitoring, with alerts if there’s a risk guarantees will not be met.

  • Alerting of known network and device issues.

  • Monitoring of all networks via one system – including 3G, 4G, 5G, private networks, slices and campus networks. Results are displayed in seconds.

  • Accurate data about customer need and network performance that enables the design of smarter SLAs.

  • Support for account managers to identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities by isolating under-spec’d products or additional products that would be useful to an individual customer.


Pinpoint your underperforming enterprise customers


CorpDash isolates any issues affecting an enterprise's network experience or device performance. By highlighting the enterprises most affected by service performance problems, CorpDash supports account managers to not only identify service management issues, but also pinpoint upsell and cross-sell opportunities such as under-spec’d products or additional products that would be useful for your enterprise customers.

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Customer story

One of Subtonomy’s B2B customers had a particular problem around SLAs and customer notifications. Enterprises naturally expected them to provide SLAs, but it was hard for the CSP to monitor if they were delivering the agreed performance - 

undermining the value of the SLAs and raising costs.

Adopting CorpDash revolutionized the way this CSP managed its SLAs. Not only was it able to visualize how network performance was affecting each of its enterprise customers and their employees in real time, but CorpDash automatically alerted it to any potential breaches.

CorpDash also allowed it to share this insight with its enterprise customers to build trust and transparency while speeding the preparation of network performance reports by 90%. Not only did CorpDash make it quicker and cheaper to produce reports, they were also more accurate and up-to-date as well.


Enterprise customers were far happier because they were also getting spammed less with irrelevant information. In fact, due to CorpDash’s ability to help them pinpoint just the enterprises that were affected by planned engineering or network outages, the number of notifications sent out dropped by 99%. This was a win-win for both enterprise customers and the CSP.

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