Monitor a specific venue instant or over time

For bigger gatherings, such as sport events and music festivals, there are many things to be handled. Network needs to be planned and optimized properly in advance and during the  event. It needs to monitored in a good way so appropriate actions can be taken if something happens. Meanwhile reporting status and KPI's to different stakeholders. Afterwards a proper event follow-up is in place. 


When managing all this, it is not enough to just know the network behaviors; what users are attending, what devices they have and their usage behavior for a certain kind of event will be just as important.

Monitor network related KPI's


Select specific venues to be monitored over selected time periods and see network related KPI's, such as which cells are causing poor service experience during an event.

You also see user KPI's and performance so you can tell which are permanent- vs roaming users, what devices they are using, how they are using their devices during an event and what their user experience is like. Different reports from each selected event can be generated and shared within your organization and it is possible at a later stage to go back and look at old events.

User- and network  KPI's from similar & historical events

Real-time monitor event & proactively pickup issues

Easy reporting to all stakeholders


Define each event

Each event is defined so it can be managed before, during, and after the event.