Simplifies troubleshooting
at subscriber level 

  • +47% trouble ticket efficiency*

  • -15 min less spent per trouble ticket*

  • Increase troubleshooting in 1st & 2nd line customer service

  • Reduce need of escalations

*Subtonomy customer data.


Search for single subscriber in real-time

Most mobile operators have a lot of rich customer data that is not being utilized in Customer Service. Neither in B2C nor B2B. With SubSearch and the B2B-application CorpDash this data is analyzed and easily accessible for Customer Support agents, at all levels.


SubSearch is an analytic tool that simplifies and eases to interpretation of mobile network data. The support agent can search for a single subscriber (by MSISDN, IMSI or IMEI), in real-time, for an overview of all available and relevant data. The tool visualizes if the subscriber is /or have been affected by any mobile network related anomaly in a clear and easy understandable dashboard. An information text message will summarize known network, device or other disturbances that are observed for the subscriber and may include recommendation for mitigation. There will also be information about if the customer has performed a self-service diagnostic in any of the digital channels prior to this call and what response was received.



Increase troubleshoot capabilities in 1st and 2nd line support at subscriber level, instead of a generic issue. 


Reduce handling time with up to 15 minutes  per trouble ticket in 2nd line support.  


Resolve most tickets in 1st or 2nd line support with efficient data driven analysis and solution proposals. 


Improve the overall ticket efficiency by 47%* with easily accessible data in one single system that doesn't require deep engineering expertise. 

SubSearch simplifies troubleshooting of mobile network data

Simple and interactive user interface for Customer Support agents

The search for a single subscriber is done easily by MSISDN, IMSI or IMEI and the search result is displayed within 3 seconds. The support agent can choose different tabs in the dashboard to access needed data and then choose between bars, graphs and map. 

Access data and knowledge

Mobile network data is easily accessible for the customer support agents. They can get information about all calls connected through 2G/3G (CS) and VoLTE/VoNR/VoWiFi (SIP), SMS and the transferred data. The subscribers network issue can be visualized in a location map, where the anomaly occurred. 

Efficient way of working

At the overview tab it's a clear summary of any known active alarm or incidents that the single subscriber is or has been affected by. The agent can also see if the subscriber's mobile device is linked to any known issues such as OS version or model.

The agent can initiate a SMS-notification to the subscriber once an ongoing disturbance is resolved. 

Fewer but higher improved quality escalations

Since most tickets can be resolved early on in the support journey, the number of escalations will decrease. However the errands that will be escalated to 2nd line support includes an active URL with all live trouble ticket data included. 


Telia Estonia cutting escalations by 60% in customer support with SubSearch

By introducing the Subtonomy SubSearch application to customer support, all agents are now able to see the service performance of a subscriber, in real-time and historically. Any deviations in the performance or any technical issues are flagged and highlighted. This allows customer support to help subscribers immediately with many issues without the need to escalate them internally for further investigation.


What our customers say

Process Manager Billing, Service & Support @ Telenor

With Subtonomy, we can monitor and secure service performance on a customer level, which has increased customer satisfaction. We’re also enabled to offer new and more advanced services.

Business  Developer
@ Telenor

This data-driven approach where we are able to look at how network data actually affects customers and respond instantly to this when engaging with the customers, I think is the way to work.


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