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SubSearch - a Customer Support Suite Application


With an accurate 360˚ view, you can instantly make data-driven recommendations to provide a personalized customer support experience, and empower your agents. And with everything in one place, you’ll never be caught off guard.

  • Trouble-shooting at customer level in real-time

  • Increased first call resolution

  • Reduce handling time by 50%

  • Easier access to network data

Enable personalized and proactive customer support experience


Meet today's challenges and ever increasing demands and deliver an outstanding customer service with a 360˚ customer-centric service view in the SubSearch. Imagine focus on each individual customer's satisfaction at every step of the customer journey. 


With efficient and modern tools based on Machine Learning you will be able to act on your large amounts of rich customer data and make data-driven recommendations, regardless of whether the problem is related to the customer's broadband or 5G mobile network - last week or five minutes ago. And with everything in one place you will never be caught off guard. 

Turn insights into action

Only 1-3% of your customers contact their CSP when they experience problems. Instead, customers expect CSPs to provide personalized proactive support around-the-clock and in channels that suit them.


Subtonomy’s research shows that 90% of customers now expect personalized advanced notification about planned network performance issues and 99% expect CSPs to follow through with timely updates.


Long wait times and even longer support calls put customers off contacting their CSP, and doesn’t give them chance to put things right before their customers silently churn.

The always-on digital world means customers need extended support times. 6 out of 10 customers expect the exact same contact center availability over the weekend as during the week, and 3 out of 10 expect 24x7 support.


Enterprise customers, in particular, value having access to more information. Proactively informing them about planned maintenance allows them to take mitigation measures. Being more transparent about current network performance improves your customer dialoges and deepens the relationship. 


Today, customers prefer to use digital channels to solve their problem or find the information they need, 9 out of 10 would also prefer to file their complaints online. 43% say their phone is no longer one of their top 3 preferred channels. They only want to call a CSR if they’ve tried and failed to resolve their problem or find the information they need.

Watch how it works