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Technical Self-Service

Personalized tech support in your mobile?






What is Technical Self-Service?

Technical Self-Service delivers personalized self-service directly to your customers’ mobiles, meeting their needs for more accurate, personalized and up-to-date information. It is an API built on top of the Subtonomy platform, ensuring the same network performance data is supplied to both your customers and your CSRs. 

Next-gen Customer Service that generates business values for telcos
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Candy Cotton

"Alexa, what's wrong with my phone?"

Networks are changing, services are changing and customer expectations are changing.

Technical support though is trailing behind. It’s still slow, generic, and mainly manual, with little or no digitalization. It requires skilled CSRs because agents have to interrogate complex engineering tools to pinpoint the problem. The challenge is how to make technical service fit for the 5G era?  How to meet customers' expectations of service and support them to perform a wider range of support tasks themselves.  

Candy Cotton

Gen Z expects digital autonomy and increased self-service

Generation Z - those born after 1995 - are set to dominate the global economy. They’re the world’s largest population cohort, comprising 2.5 billion people, and their income is set to quadruple over the next decade to $33 trillion. But these tech-savvy digital natives have high expectations about service and support that are being shaped by customer experience leading brands.

What gen Z expect

They are constantly online so they expect fast, accurate, personalized, mobile support. They value digital autonomy and want to support themselves. They also have better things to do than wait in customer service queues - so you better value their time.

Meet Laura

She is 24 and like many of her generation has high expectations of customer support: 


Support is an important factor when choosing her CSP. 

Laura expects a personalized experience. 

She needs 24x7 support but is prepared to do more things herself.  

She expects her CSP to keep in touch with personalized notifications and updates.  ch? 

She is too busy to waste time queuing and expects her CSP to value her time. 


5G presents new challenges

Any quality network proposition demands efficient customer support but 5G is a transformational technology that requires a step-change in the way customer support is provided:

  • Customers expect their support experience to match the speed and quality of their network experience – with laser accuracy, real-time updates, and support via digital channels. 

  • 5G products are more complex meaning there’s more to go wrong - efficient technical self-service is essential to support them and reinforce the 5G network proposition. 

  • Networks are becoming a complex mix of new and older technologies. New capabilities such as network slicing that configures network resources to the needs of specific groups or individual customers is complicating things even more. 

  • Rising pressure on technical support means CSPs have to enable customers to do more to support themselves. They can then use CSRs to resolve the most complex problems.    


Technical Self-Service – digital support for the tech-savvy customer in the 5G age

Technical Self-Service provides personalized, real-time support direct to your customer’s mobile. Built on top of Subtonomy’s market-leading platform, Technical Self-Service is delivered in your customer’s channel of choice - whether that’s a branded mobile app, via your website, a chatbot, IVR or home assistant. With Technical Self-Service you can automate 75% of your technical support cases – freeing up agents to concentrate on those cases that need them most.

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Planned maintenance is supported by proactively notifying customers so they can take action to mitigate any disruption. This is extremely important for your business customers.

Candy Cotton


Network faults and outages are managed more efficiently by alerting only those customers who are affected and telling them what’s being done to alleviate the issue and how long the problem is likely to last. Device support helps pinpoint the cause when the problem isn’t with the network but with the customer’s device or applications.

Candy Cotton


Network coverage and performance issues such as call drop-outs are addressed by proactively informing customers why their network experience is not as expected and when their service provider is planning to fix the problem. This information can also be used to prioritize future network build out and fault fixing.

Candy Cotton


Real-time updates keep customers informed about open trouble tickets or fault fixing, avoiding the need for customers to have to call back to check on progress.  

Notifying customers that the issue is resolved, reduces their stress and reinforces the message that the CSP is committed to providing a quality network experience.

Benefits of using Technical Self-Service



Reduce stress on your contact center with Self-Service that is proven to reduce calls to customer service by 20%.


Automate 75% of your tech support cases,  leaving your CSRs free to handle the most complex cases.


Deliver round-the-clock, personalized and accurate support across both digital channels and IVR.


Increase your digital engagement by 300% and use the resulting insight to prioritize network development according to your customers' needs.

Technical Self-Service transforms Laura's experience


Receive device support for those times when it’s not the network at fault but the device or applications. 

Be kept up-to-date and notified when everything is back to normal. 

Receive personalized notifications of planned maintenance so she can decide whether to work from home or go into the office 

Choose to chat or run a technical self-care search in app instead of calling

Be informed when her CSP will fix any faults, reinforcing their commitment to customer experience and a quality network 

Get advanced tech

support 24/7

Be alerted and reassured when she’s receiving a poor network experience caused by outages, overloading or not-spots. 

Candy Cotton

Customer story


This data-driven approach where we are able to look at how network data actually affects customers and respond instantly to this when engaging with the customers is, I think, the way to work.

Business  Developer @ Telenor Sweden

Telenor Sweden has taken a big step towards automized and digitalized technical customer service for their mobile network services.

Discover how Telenor managed to:

  • reduce calls to technical support

  • implement 24/7 automated technical support via a mobile app

  • increase customer engagement

Telenor offers faster
CX while reducing
agent workload


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