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Next level Customer Service 

Customer engagement is a key differentiator for the total customer experience. Both engagement and support must be easy, relevant and on customers terms. Customer caters the service and support experience to reflect their individual needs in every aspect of the journey - as it happens. In fact, 67% of millennials says that they expect a personalized experience.* In addition, 75% of the customer says that the most important thing a company can do to improve their customer service is to value their customers time.** 

So in order to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction, which most of us strive for, innovation, a portion of digitization and automation are required. And in the end - there is money to be saved for the Communication Service Providers (CSPs).

* Salesforce: Customer-trust-trends-salesforce-research.pdf. 2019

**Forrester: 2016


How it works


"Alexa, what's wrong with my phone?"

Millennials is often called the self-service generation, that never will pick up the phone to make a support call. And some of the Xs and babybommers are getting into it as well. Not only will self-service empower your subscribers, it will take out a lot of stress of your Customer Service. 

Omnichannel support via automated voice services and brand apps will significantly grow in the coming years. Many customers wants to do as much as possible through their smartphones and as a result the customer demand for mobile support and voice interaction grows, attention will turn to voice interfaces such as Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. 

Personalized self-service in the mobile

You can go beyond the simple commands an integrate your tech support with our Technical Self-Service API. Provide an automated and personalized support experience for your subscribers in their digital channel of choice. The Technical Self-Service solution can be integrated with all your digital channels and IVR; such as brand app, website, chatbot, IVR or smart assistant. 

This is a simplified simulation of what a customer support journey can look like with Technical Self-Service in your brand app.

TSS mobile1-no shadow.png

Self-Service in mobile app

A subscriber logs into your brand app.

The platform checks automatically if the subscriber is affected by any trouble ticket.


If yes, notification is shown on the screen and customer can do a self-service check. 



The subscriber can receive information if she is /or have been affected by any mobile network related anomaly. An information text message will summarize known network, device or other disturbances that are observed for the subscriber and may include recommendation for mitigation. 


Today, the majority of all support cases can be automated. We automate 75% of all tech support cases at our clients today. And for the most complex cases we empower your agents by giving them tools to support without the need for escalations. 


Resolve a large portion of trouble tickets in the self-service channels by the subscriber and automated processes, and reduce calls to customer technical service by 20%. At the same time, enjoy increased digital customer engagement by  up to 300%.


All network related data is supported, included new technologies such as 5G.


Increasing customer interactions means more feedback and metadata. 

It eases the automatic pick up and flag clusters of issues such as geographical or OS issues. This real-time insights is valuable both to CS and Operations, where clustered updates is presented in the NOCMap. 

Typical automated cases

5G Service assurance

Verifying if issues with subscriber's 5G services.

Network outage

Checking if there are bigger network problems in the area and if any trouble tickets are attached. 

Planned work

If any planned maintenance work has happened in the area, this can be highlighted. 

Device performance

Verifying if issues with subscriber's device and software version. 

Coverage issues

Flags if there are coverage issues in the area and can say if any future sites are planned. 

Performance issues

Checking if there are problems with eg. call drops, roaming. 


As customer service centers needs to adapt to disruptive market changes, digitalization is a key differentiator among brands.

Telenor Sweden has taken ta big step towards automized and digitalized technical customer service for their mobile network services.

Discover how Telenor managed to:

  • reduce calls to technical support

  • implement 24/7 automated technical support in mobile app

  • increase customer engagement

Read how Telenor offers faster CX while reducing agent workload


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