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Technical Self-Service - a Customer Support Suite API


With an accurate 360˚ customer-centric service view, you can instantly alert only customers affected by a service anomaly to provide a personalized customer support experience, and real-time updates. And with personalized tech support in your customers' pocket, you’ll always be open to serve.

  • Decrease calls to customer support by 20%

  • 24/7, instant & personalized information

  • Automated and fully digitalized solution

  • 5G approved service assurance

Tech support in your pocket. Open 24/7.


Meet today's challenges and ever increasing demands by delivering an outstanding personalized customer service along with proactive support via our Technical Self-Service solution. Imagine only alerting individual customers affected by planned maintenance or service disturbance with transparent information and real-time case updates.  


And with everything available in all your customers' digital support channels - you'll always be open to serve. 

What is Technical Self-Service?