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Telia Estonia cut customer support escalations by 60 %

Telenor Sweden uses self-service in their technical customer support journey.

Telia Estonia has engaged Subtonomy to improve efficiency in their customer support. With the introduction of the Subtonomy SubSearch application, the customer support agents are now able to see the service performance of subscribers in real-time and potential issues so they can provide a better service.


This has led to faster support and fewer escalations. The Subtonomy platform is also used by Telia Estonia’s self-service, where subscribers can verify the performance of their service and the diagnostics functionality helps find solutions to potential issues.

About Telia Estonia

Telia is the leading telecommunications service provider in Estonia with more than 975 000 subscribers. The company is part of Telia Group, founded back in 1853 and today serving 23.5M subscriptions in Europe and Asia.

Telia Estonia has always had much focus on being able to help their customers fast. One major issue was when subscribers contacted customer support with technical issues. The agents did not have a clear overview of the delivered service performance for the subscriber and could not see clearly if there had been any technical issues that could have affected the subscriber. These tickets therefore often had to be escalated to the network engineering team to be investigated. This led to long lead times for the subscribers’ tickets to be resolved and it also took lots of resources.

“Using big data for different purposes, such as finding technical issues and trigger alarms, is getting more and more important to us and it’s great to use Subtonomy’s API:s to retrieve this post-processed data from the network.”

Roland Tyri – Development Manager at Telia Estonia

Let’s talk about Numbers:


used for


faster troubleshooting


fewer escalations

Solution and Results

By introducing the Subtonomy SubSearch application to customer support, all agents are now able to see the service performance of a subscriber, in real-time and historically. Any deviations in the performance or any technical issues are flagged and highlighted. This allows customer support to help subscribers immediately with many issues without the need to escalate them internally for further investigation.


Another action that Telia Estonia has taken to enable faster subscriber support is their launch of a self-service portal. Here, subscribers can log in and see how well their service has been performing and use the diagnostics functionality to see suggested solutions if they have had issues. The self-service uses, among other sources, Subtonomy’s platform API:s to collect network data as input for the service.

Telia Estonia has been able to cut escalations from customer support to the network engineering team by 60% since implementing Subtonomy SubSearch. The time spent on investigating each case has been dramatically reduced, in some cases up to 2 hours in trouble-shooting time.


Telia Estonia’s self-service has also helped to make customer care more efficient. 25% of customers with technical questions get their answers from the self-service without contacting helpdesk.

“With Subtonomy, we have the ability to drill down network statistics to a single customer level and quickly and easily understand the reason for potentially bad performance and if it’s affecting other customers as well.
It gives us the view of what actual impact our network KPI:s have on our customers.”

Janno Viskus – Network Planning at Telia Estonia

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