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MVNO Marketplace

Projected to reach EUR 124 billion by 2031, the European MVNO market presents a critical opportunity for growth.

Are you equipped to seize a substantial share?


Working with the best

Essential Analytics for 
Exceptional Support

In the competitive landscape of wholesale telecommunications, delivering premium customer support cost-effectively is crucial. BrandDash provides pivotal insights and analytics, enabling you to manage and enhance network performance for MVNOs, MNO sub-brands, partners and regulators efficiently. Our platform simplifies the monitoring and visualization of key performance indicators, ensuring you maintain competitive service levels across multiple brands.


MVNOs compete by enhancing customer experiences and service innovations. Understanding host network performance is crucial for satisfying digitally-savvy customers and optimizing business impact.

Multi brand strategy

CSPs are increasingly adopting multi-brand mobile strategies for market segmentation. Success hinges on maintaining suitable service levels for each sub-brand.

IoT fleet

Different business lines, especially IoT, are uniquely impacted by network performance. Visualizing this effect on specific product lines enables CSPs to enhance their business performance.

Regulators' needs

Regulators gain from a tool that provides a comprehensive view of CSP behaviors and service levels, allowing for effective benchmarking across providers.

Advanced Features for Proactive Management

Efficiency at a Click - Our advanced analytics are accessible at the push of a button, making it easier than ever to benchmark brand performance against the overall network and to make informed decisions quickly.

Identify unauthorized use of bandwidth, 5G, or subscriber numbers outside active contracts.

Misuse Detection

Monitor active subscribers daily and monthly, track handset behavior, and benchmark brand performance against specific network KPIs.

Subscriber Tracking

Our Overview tab displays general KPIs with traffic-light thresholds and trend graphs, giving you immediate insight into performance relative to the network average.

Analytics Dashboard

The Map tab visualizes footprints, events, and potential errors, filterable by service type and technology.

Geographical Insights:

Build trust and increase sales

Empower your sales teams with vital insight into how enterprises and employees are using services and identify where they would benefit from relevant products and services upgrades.


By highlighting the enterprises most affected by service performance problems, CorpDash supports account managers to not only identify service management issues, but also pinpoint upsell and cross-sell opportunities such as under-spec’d products or additional products that would be useful for your enterprise customers.

Automatic SLA-

reporting for each enterprise

Accurate data about customer need and network performance enables the design of smarter SLAs, complemented by real-time KPI monitoring and alerts for potential guarantee breaches.


With CorpDash you will craft intelligent, tiered SLAs and SLGs tailored for 4G, 5G, private networks, network slices, and geographic zones.

We know just how important it is not being blind to the performance of a specific brand in relation to the entire network and the contract. BrandDash gives all stakeholders the transparent analytics and reporting tools to take your wholesale business to the next level.

Fredrik Edwall

SVP Sales & Marketing Subtonomy

Customer success stories

Customers' success is our success. Download and read how telecom operators like you use Subtonomy's solutions to elevate their customer support and service operations center. 

Telia Sweden -

Increasing customer

support efficiency

Telia has refined and improved work processes to streamline its business outcomes and improve the customer experience.

Tier 2 operator improving 

enterprise experience with CorpDash

With focus on enterprise experience, this Tier 2 mobile network operator has deployed Subtonomy CorpDash to monitor all enterprise SLAs in real-time.

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