Customer self-service

Let your subscribers analyze if they have any technical issues and present recommended solutions. 


customer experience

More efficient


Open API

to integrate with your own app

With our Customer Self-Service Solution, subscribers can analyze and troubleshoot their own service performance without calling customer support.


This gives an improved customer experience since subscribers can use a digital channel to immediately verify if they have any issues and see how to solve it. It also creates a more efficient customer support since many cases, normally handled by phone, can now be automated.


Subtonomy offers a Customer Self-Service solution as a self-contained app or as an open API, which enables you to integrate it with your existing solution.

Let the subscriber analyze their own service performance

If subscribers have experienced issues with their service performance, they can (instead of directly contacting customer support) Log in to your operator app or portal. They select where they’ve had issues and press analyze.

Our platform collects and analyzes from different sources

The Subtonomy platform processes both network- and device data to determine if the user has experienced any technical issues. It also verifies if any potential trouble tickets can be correlated to why the subscriber is having problems.


You as the operator can set which categories of issues you would like the platform to highlight to the subscriber.

Customer support can stay on top of app activity

Customer support can monitor all activity generated from self-service.


If an issue has not been found and the subscribers has generated a trouble ticket (optional feature) in the app, this will also show up here. 


If a subscriber calling customer support has previously done an analysis in self-service, information about this will be shown to the customer support agent to better support the customer interaction.

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