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Brand Dash - a Wholesale & Customer Support Suite Application


According to analysts the MVNO market in Europe alone will be worth EUR 124 billion by 2031. What are you doing to maximize your share?

Quality and insight are vital to future wholesale businesses. With constant downward pressure on margins and customers expecting far more from their host network providers, wholesalers need to provide premium support to your customers at a lower cost. 

  • Benchmark brand-to-brand or overall network

  • Detect misusage outside of contract 

  • Easy brand performance overview

  • Tracking handset behavior

  • Tracing number of active users

MVNOs, sub-brands & regulators


Brand Dash is an analytical tool that provides a complete overview of how network performance is impacting MVNOs, CSP sub-brands or partners. BrandDash simplifying the monitoring key performance indicators as these apply to individual brands hosted on their network. With BrandDash CSPs are able to easily visualize customized slices of network performance for each individual brand. 

Regulators benefit from analyze the behavior and service performance per CPS. Imagine a comprehensive overview and benchmarking between your country's operators service performance.

Quality and insight are vital to future wholesale businesses

We know just how important it is not being blind to the performance of a specific brand in relation to the entire network and the contract. BrandDash gives all stakeholders the transparent analytics and reporting tools to take your wholesale business to the next level.

Fredrik Edwall, SVP Sales & Marketing Subtonomy

Advanced analytics - at the push of one button


Benchmark brand performance against overall network

The Overview tab shows a dashboard with the general KPIs with fixed thresholds, indicated by traffic light colors. Graphs shows indications on the KPI trend. Also, indication if the viewed value is worse than the allover average for entire network is shown.

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