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Devices - a Network Operations Suite Application


Devices unfold information about your network and users. A user with a hero smartphone has different network usage behavior that differs from a mid-range smartphone with an older OS-version that might affect the service experience. 

  • Know how device performance affect your network and usage patterns

  • Identify issues related to specific vendor, model or software version

  • Benchmark with other models or network overall performance

  • List your worst performing devices 

List your worst performing devices


Meet today's challenges and ever increasing demands by delivering an outstanding service experience for your customers, no matter which device they are using. 

Imaging listing your worst performing devices in the network in a few seconds knowing exactly where to focus your efforts to achieve the most customer impact. Benchmark a certain device network behavior after a major OS upgrade for example. With our Device application the Network Operations Center can easily aggregate all data to quickly pin-point the issue. 

Compare and benchmark everything

Insights on device usage and performance is highly valuable for network-, device and product departments. It makes it easier for you to determine if an issue is related to a certain device or software. For marketing and sales, knowing what devices are used and how they're being used helps when planning and activating different campaigns and offerings.​


Compare vendors or specific devices and benchmark to entire network or a specific device with for example another OS version. Keep track how the software version volume progress over time in relations to KPIs.


Advanced device & network analytics 


Search for vendor, model and software version

The Devices application gives you instant and easy access to see exactly what devices you have in the network. KPI's for different models and software versions can be viewed and benchmarked against other devices and overall network service performance. Get performance and usage pattern for different devices is also possible to view and lists with users having specific devices can be exported. The application supports both mobile and data devices, 2G/3G/4G/5G and the results is measured in near real-time with long storage availability. 




Network Quality
@ 3 Sweden / Denmark

Handling complexity and understanding user experience is key to efficient network operations. We use Subtonomy to help us stay efficient in an ever changing environment.”



Head of Service Assurance & Operation @ Telia Norge

We have managed to reduce both the number of complaint calls and the time we need to spend on each call. With Subtonomy, we’re working more efficiently while getting happier customers.

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