Instant access to device performance

Devices can say a lot about both your network and users. It is of course of interest to see how different devices are performing, but also how users of different devices have different behaviors. If certain devices, or software platform versions, are causing issues in the network, it is also useful to be able to aggregate that data in order to quickly pinpoint what is wrong.

Insights on device usage and performance is highly valuable for network-, device and product departments. It makes it easier for you to determine if an issue is related to a certain device or software. For marketing and sales, knowing what devices are used and how they're being used helps when planning and activating different campaigns and offerings.

Device features overview

Reports per vendor, model and software version

The Devices application gives you instant and easy access to see exactly what devices you have in the network. KPI's for different models and software versions can be viewed and benchmarked against other devices and overall network service performance. Usage behavior for different devices is also possible to view and lists with users having specific devices can be exported.


You can search for a specific device or vendor and benchmark it against other devices. Subscribers can include all in the network or be categorized. A variety of metrics for device performance can be generated. Above example show the benchmark between two different devices where performance for CS Fallback and SMS are viewed respectively. It is also easy to list the best and worst performing devices in your network.