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Customer Support
service assurance suite


Mobile operators have a lot of rich customer data (networks, devices and applications), the type of data that The Economist famously called the world's new "most valuable resource". On many occasions that data is not being utilized in Customer Service at all. This can be because the data exists in organizational silos and do not or cannot talk to each other. It may also come down to weak analytical capabilities to produce actionable intelligence.


[1] “The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data”, The Economist, 6 May 2017,


With our applications for Customer Support - SubSearch for consumers, CorpDash and BrandDash for enterprises - this data is analyzed and easily accessible for Customer Support agents, at all levels. 


The tool visualizes if the subscriber is, or have been, affected by any mobile network related anomaly in a clear and easy understandable dashboard and data driven solution proposals.

With Technical self-service, powered by our API, the same information can be accessible in the customers channel of choice - such as your website, chat, app or IVR. 


Network Operations
service assurance suite


When you’re working in the NOC / SOC it is absolutely critical to always be on top of current service performance. Besides seeing all the specific details in the network, it is also important to have an overall view. This could be, seeing what effect a storm or fire has on a large area or estimating how many users are affected by an issue.

NocMap gives a complete overview of the entire network from an aggregated to a very detailed view, where service performance is presented in real-time. C3P is used in radio planning based on customer centric input data, to see how to best expand your radio network.


With Roamers you monitor all users abroad (outbound) and visitors in your network (inbound). Interconnect is used to automatically monitor your interconnection links.


Devices can say a lot about both your network and users. It is of course of interest to see how different devices are performing, but also how users of different devices have different behaviors.

For bigger gatherings, such as sport events and music festivals, network needs to be planned and optimized properly in advance and during the event in Crowds application.  


Authorities and police


All communication service providers (CSPs) within EU/EES are mandated to provide the authorities with traffic data to support during criminal investigations, search & rescue, fraud etc. 

neil-mark-thomas-rPze45EKUgw-unsplash (1

All data related to a certain subscriber, during a certain time, at a certain location depending on the case. CSPs generally manages a huge amount of data to accommodate for this regulation and it causes a lot of work for each request, often provides too much data for the receiver to process efficiently.


To handle these types of requests efficiently and correctly, all data can be  consolidated  into one secure REX platform that can automate the process from order to delivery. The data-driven reports is delivered in a common standardized way depended on local requirements. This way more accurate information is handed efficiently to the authorities, as the risk of human errors is reduced.


Marketing & Loyalty


Technical service performance is an important touch point that contributes 20-30% to Net Promotor Score (NPS). Marketers, in both B2B and B2C contexts, are able to benefit from automated analytics and intelligence. 

With increased accessibility to customer data, marketers at the operators can both detect issues, by mining the data as well as gathering active NPS feedback directly from the subscribers, make more targeted marketing investment, therefore reducing churn, and uncover new opportunities for upselling, therefore increasing return.

With application ActiveNPS you can directly correlate subjective subscriber NPS scoring with objective service quality KPI’s, subscriber location and coverage.

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