Our software platform is developed for you as a mobile operator and lets you monitor your mobile network and the service performance for all your subscribers. Our main user groups are:

Customer care




Our platform collects and analyses big amounts of data, in general 1.5 Billion data transactions daily for every Million subscribers. Our different applications use the processed data to capture any unexpected changes in the mobile network.


Below you see some product highlights. For our complete product portfolio, see Product list A-Z.



trouble ticket efficiency


system search instead of 4


spent per trouble ticket

Search for individual subscribers to see their user experience and potential issues with the network, device or service.



enterprise relation

90 times

faster report exports

99% less

maintenance mails sent

Keep track of service performance for enterprises to make sure Service Level Agreements are fulfilled.



user experience

Safety during

major upgrades

6 days faster

finding major issues

Monitor the service performance of the entire mobile network to be able to capture any abnormalities directly.



roaming experience

80% less

complaint calls

90% reduced

case time

Monitor all roaming traffic to assure good service quality and analyze roaming behavior to better optimize offerings.

“With Subtonomy, we can monitor and secure service performance on a customer level, which has increased customer satisfaction. We’re also enabled to offer new and more advanced services.” 

Marina Rosander – Process Manager Billing and Service & Support at Telenor Sweden

“Our top priorities are to have the most loyal and satisfied customers and create value through superior network connectivity. Subtonomy plays a crucial part in helping us achieve that.” 

Margot Lelle – Head of Department (Service Support tools, DevOps) at Telia Estonia

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