Telecom service assurance - the new 5G monetization tool

Subtonomy is the leading service assurance provider in the Nordics. We help telecom operators digitalize their customer service and improve the customer experience. Our software platform manages service quality assurance with the objectives to automate big parts of technical support and operations while also providing support staff with applications to better serve subscribers with complex technical issues.

With the right data and the right tools, automation can go far beyond network operation to help shore up performance in multiple dimensions, including error prevention, data-based decision making, improved customer service and customer experience, and uncovering new business opportunities.

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Improve efficiency -
How telcos can create value with multi-faceted automation

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Omni-channel service experience


Provide a seamless, unified and contextual omnichannel service experience across a wide range of platforms for your subscribers. Let them chose the channel to have their questions answered and queries resolved. And continue their service experience in another channel if needed. 

Our areas of expertise

The Subtonomy software platform is used by customer support, operations and directly by subscribers through self-service functionalities. We focus on automating parts of technical support while also providing support agents with insight tools to better serve subscribers with more complex issues. We aim to create a faster, more efficient and digital customer service experience. Read more about our different solution offerings and areas of expertise.

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Automated technical self-service for your subscribers, available 24/7. Provide better insights and intuitive tools for your staff. you Empower them to verify & troubleshoot complex issues. Improve KPIs such as FCR, AHT and CSAT. CS costs will be reduced significantly and customer experience will improve.


Get an instant visual overall view of your network’s service performance. Our software platform monitors service assurance in real-time. You can use our applications for monitoring and use our API to automatically export alarms and triggers.

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All communication service providers (CSPs) within EU/EES are mandated to provide the authorities with traffic data to support during criminal investigations, search & rescue, fraud etc. 

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Technical service performance is an important touch point that contributes 20-30% to Net Promotor Score (NPS). Marketers, in both B2B and B2C contexts, are able to benefit from automated analytics and intelligence. 


What our customers say

Process Manager Billing, Service & Support @ Telenor

With Subtonomy, we can monitor and secure service performance on a customer level, which has increased customer satisfaction. We’re also enabled to offer new and more advanced services.

Business  Developer
@ Telenor

This data-driven approach where we are able to look at how network data actually affects customers and respond instantly to this when engaging with the customers, I think is the way to work.

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