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JOIN US @ MWC 2023

27 February – 2 March, 2023
Fira Gran Via, Barcelona

Hall 2, Conference room 2A57MR

World-class customer support. Every single time. 


No matter how complex and siloed your data is, our ML-powered tools will help to visualize all your network data in a 360˚ customer-centric view. In real-time. 


Meet today's challenges and ever increasing demands and deliver an outstanding customer service with a unified customer-centric view. Imagine focus on each individual customer's satisfaction at every step of the customer journey. With efficient and modern tools based on Machine Learning, they will be able to deliver more reliable models for how the perceived service delivery should be in a certain area on a specific device with a specific OS version.​

  • Enable CSRs to deliver personalized and up-to-date support

  • Simplify complex troubleshooting for CSRs

  • Consolidate multiple data sources into ONE single view

  • Reduce costs and streamline your support operations

  • Integrate our API into your Conversational AI, self-service channels, IVR and app.

Want to know more? Let's pre-book a meeting with a Subtonomy business expert at Mobile World Congress to get a demo and learn more about our Technical Customer Support offering.

Pre-book meeting

Pre-book a meeting with Subtonomy
Please, use the form to secure your spot. We are looking forward to talking to you.

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