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Secure Data Retention and Geolocation Services

Forget everything you think you know about fulfilling lawful intercept data retention and geolocation requests.


We help telecoms to automate, secure and speed your responses to lawful mass geolocation, emergency call location and criminal investigations requests. While remaining completely compliant.

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In today’s fast-paced world, telecoms data plays a vital role for law enforcement, emergency services and anti-terrorism teams efforts. Since 2006, EU/EES mobile network operators (MNOs) must legally provide data upon a request.


However, MNOs face mounting pressure with timely, accurate data retrieval. The data is often fragmented across numerous systems, which have to be searched individually, making the process costly, time consuming and prone to human error.

We understand the challenges MNOs face with outdated systems and silos that hinder efficient lawful intercept management.


We're here to change that. ​

Subtonomy REX is a dedicated application that

makes it far easier for MNOs to respond to lawful data retention and geolocation requests in a timely and efficient manner.

REX utilizes the power of the Subtonomy Platform to collect the data required by authorities from passive probes, network elements and all underlying subsystems, and consolidate this into ONE system.

REX acts as both a retention and positioning

system, providing the ability to efficiently,

accurately and automatically facilitate lawful

requests. Data is preprocessed to support

speedier search results.

Simplify lawful intercept & data retention requests

with Subtonomy REX 

"We’ve been using Subtonomy’s REX solution for Lawful Authority requests for several years now and it’s been an absolute privilege. We’ve been impressed with its exceptional features, performance, and

adaptability, and the Subtonomy team has provided us with top-notch support. We appreciate Subtonomy and their consistent reliability as

a partner in this sphere.”


About Telia Norway

Telia Norway is a nationwide Norwegian mobile operator with more than 2.4M subscribers. It is part of Telia Group, today serving 27M subscriptions in the Nordic and Baltic region.

REX secures and constrains access to only authorized users and the subset of data that is authorized. Additional security features include logging of all searches and compelling users to enter the reason for the search. Data is retained for just the specified number of days or hours.

Terje Lilleåsen

When Telia’s team receives a request for help they immediately spring into action, checking the status and activity of the individual’s phone, as well as which cell tower it’s connected to using advanced triangulation methods.  

Key to their success, Telia Norway has integrated Subtonomy REX into their operations for enhanced geolocation and data retrieval. The recent inclusion of location polygons within the REX platform, a shift from their prior separate handling, has significantly improved their operational efficiency.

How Telia helps SARteams save lives faster

 “Nothing beats the feeling you get when the rescue team reaches a missing person, and you know that the person will be okay.” 

Terje Lilleåsen, Telia Norway

"Many have surely seen CSI or other series where triangulation is done with the press of two buttons. In reality, it's not that simple, and one must have a good technical understanding, proper support tools, and a robust mobile network to achieve triangulation.
"We are constantly improving our process, tools and competence, to be able to save lives even quicker.""

TERJE LILLEÅSEN |  Senior Manager, Service Operations Center @ Telia Norge

Leveraging the capabilities of Telia's 5G network in combination with REX's new location features, search areas have been dramatically narrowed from several square kilometers  down to one hundred meters –  making SAR operations vastly more efficient.

For even greater accuracy, a rescue helicopter can be deployed with a temporary base station. As it nears the person needing to be rescued, their phone will connect to the base station and by monitoring the signal as the helicopter flies in circles, the phone can be pinpointed to within 20 meters.

Investing in advanced good tools and proper expertise organization is cited as the reason why Telia has taken leaps and bounds in this work. A SAR mission can today usually be completed in one to two hours.

Erica Earnshaw and Terje Lilleåsen

Telia Norway

"We are constantly improving our process, tools and competence, to be able to save lives even quicker."

TERJE LILLEÅSEN |  Senior Manager, Service Operations Center @ Telia Norge

Watch how Telia Norway uses Subtonomy REX in SAR operations 

Let’s talk about Numbers:

30 sec

results delivered within
30 seconds

20 m

phone can be pinpointed to
within 20 meters


faster SAR missions

1 tool

Streamlined workflow in ONE

consolidated system


Telia Norway uses Subtonomy REX to deliver its world-class response to SAR emergency requests. The data is collected by Subtonomy’s platform from probes, TAP files, IP databases, location data, network elements and underlying subsystems (such as billing, CRM etc), and preprocessed to make it easier to respond to requests in a timely and efficient manner. The information provided can be displayed in Subtonomy REX or exported to other solutions to help with efficient collaboration.


REX is designed to handle geolocation and data retrieval requests while being fully GDPR compliant and ISO/IEC 27001 certified. While data retention solutions are usually storage heavy, Subtonomy REX also significantly reduces the amount of data storage required.

  • Results within 30 seconds

  • Instant delivery to requester

  • Streamlined workflow in ONE consolidated system

  • Accurate, error-free results 

  • Secure remote access for SAR teams

  • Self-contained installation or Subtonomy supported or anything in between

  • Efficient data storage

  • SaaS solution – continuously adding new technologies and features as seen in this case study

  • Expert advice and back up


With over 12 years’ experience in assisting telecoms operators comply with their duty to supply data to lawful authorities, Subtonomy is an expert in helping consolidate data into a single system to reduce costs, speed data retrieval, and eliminate human error.

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REX collects, processes and maps data from several sources into ONE place


data from network equipment and passive probes. This data includes information on calls, SMS, roaming records (TAP files), both public and private IP addresses (NAT logs), data connections and location data.


integrates and enriches data by mapping signalling and IP records with CRM data, cell inventory and

device databases. Positioning data primarily comes from network information, such as cell identities.

Positioning or location system data can be integrated if available.

Our Services

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Our Services

This is your Service description. Use this space to describe what the service entails, benefits for users and any other important information.

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